We are open!

We are so exited to say that artFix Woolwich is now open for business!

It’s been an amazing week for artFix Woolwich following our official opening. For the past seven days we have been buzzing with activity and already have some local regulars. We have met a lot of new people from the local community, engaging people with coffee, co-working space and art, of course.


Not only do we serve a delicious array of food and drink, we give visitors the opportunity to discover much more over three floors of activity. We all love Diana Savostaite’s paintings which have been decorating our first-floor space in our opening exhibition! Inspired by the surrounding environment, people and inner emotions, Diana aims to be as honest as possible when she creates. It was a great experience for us to cooperate with a local fine artist, the first of many we hope.

Art of Mindfulness Workshops supported by Cass Art:

Aside from exhibitions, we held our first of three Art of Mindfulness taster classes in our space on Tuesday! With special thanks to Cass Art for the materials, we successfully provided a fun and engaging workshop for students and young people. These classes, led by local art therapist Simon Woodward, aim to combine mindfulness art practice and guided meditation that participants can replicate in their own time. Each taster class is aimed at a different age group – the next will be tailored to Working Age Adults. We can’t wait!

Film Screenings:

On Wednesday evening we had our first film screening in our space — Alfred Hitchcock’s classic ‘The Lady Vanishes’. As one of Hitchcock’s last British films before moving to Hollywood, we all enjoyed this outstanding and delightful comedy thriller. Join us each week for more movies and cake!


Even though we have only been open for a week, the interest and buzz for artFix in the local community is beating our expectations. From locals who came to our space for coffee and a chat, local artists interested in exhibitions and workshop possibilities, to those who participated in our events so far – we appreciate everyone for being a part of artFix. We even had a visit from Greenwich Council and met with councillor Sizwe James to discuss the annual Tall Ships Festival coming up this Easter!

After just one week, we feel so welcomed in Woolwich already and only have you to thank. Your participation and support keeps on encouraging us to develop even more events and classes for the local community.

You’re always welcome to pop in and join us whenever you wish, and we’re excited to see what’s next for artFix Woolwich!



We are back!

We realise we may not have been particularly active online recently but fear not – we are back!  As you may know by now, we are returning to the streets of London very soon with a new artFix space in the centre of Woolwich.

We are fervently preparing the space for opening in the second week of March and are very excited to bring you an exciting calendar of events, activities and classes, as well as great coffee of course.

Since the refurbishment of our old artFix store in Soho, we have taken some time to reflect on how we can make art Fix even better and improve the social impact on the local population. With the opening of our store in Woolwich, we are also bringing a few changes that we hope will create a stronger community of artists and creative individuals to “live life as art.”

Our decision to set up a new space in Woolwich was founded on several factors. We want to build a greater community within out artFix spaces and believe that we will do just this in our high-street location. Woolwich is the only area in London to receive the Cultural Destination award, which is an exciting opportunity for Woolwich for the next few years. Current residential developments including the new ‘cultural quarter’, as well as the highly anticipated Crossrail, are also raising the profile of the area and unifying the local community. Woolwich is soon to become a hive of arts, culture and creative industries and we hope artFix will effectively contribute to this development and the opportunities for visitors and residents that this brings.


Our new artFix store is founded on four key components, revised to make the arts even more accessible, fun and affordable. This includes:

  • The Café
  • The Exhibition/Performance Space
  • Co-Working
  • The Academy

Each of these has been put into place to make artFix a one-stop creative platform that incubates ideas, talent and culture in a well-structured system.

Visitors, as well as contributing artists, can enjoy a coffee, a drink, or food in our café space and at the same time, experience fixes of creative content through regular events and activities, just as we have done before.

In the same way, our new artFix store will hold regular events and exhibitions across all three floors of new space. In such a dissimilar area of London compared to our Soho location, we are offering artists the opportunity to display their work in an up-and-coming borough with a diverse audience and a new cultural development programme. This consists of exhibitions, performances, workshops and other such events.

With the introduction of our new ‘Co-Working’ space, we are also providing visitors with hot-desking opportunities and the chance to work with like-minded creative individuals. We hope that this will bring together industry professionals from all disciplines in a positive, fun and friendly working atmosphere.

The new ‘Academy’ model of artFix will offer professional development classes to all of our visitors and members on a regular basis. Not only will we be offering arts and crafts related classes, but we also have lots of other exciting classes in the pipeline, including wellbeing, dance and language classes, to name a few. The diversity of these classes means that anyone can be involved, bringing everyone closer to the arts regardless of their creative background.

We also have a brand new, updated artFix website for you to browse through and keep up-to-date with our upcoming events and news.

Stay tuned for more artFix updates and announcements and be sure to visit us when we open in a few weeks’ time. We are coming back even bigger and better than before – you won’t want to miss it!


Did you miss us?

It’s been a while since we last posted and we realise we have virtually disappeared; some of you may have noticed a lack of online activity, whilst others may have noticed the refurbishment happening at the old artFix store on Peter Street in Soho. But fear not! We are not gone forever. Since the refurbishment started in November 2015, we have had some time away to reflect on what we want artFix to be and how to better our services for everyone.

In order to improve our social impact and usability, we came up with a few changes to really maximise artFix’s mission of making the arts more accessible, affordable and fun.

Here are some changes you will be noticing:

  • Instead of the three pillars of ‘Store’, ‘Industry’ and ‘App’ that previously made up artFix, we have changed these to four components. Now, we are focusing on ‘The Café’, ‘The Exhibition/Performance Space’, ‘HotDesking’, and ‘The Academy’. These four components are put in place to make artFix the go-to, one-stop place for all things arts and culture.
  • The biggest changes then are the introduction of ‘HotDesking’, which we hope will bring together creative industry professionals, and the rebranding of ‘Industry’ as ‘Academy’.
  • The Academy model will offer both professional development classes to artists, such as Legal and Accounting or Marketing and Social Media, and arts and crafts classes to the wider public. This is in order to bring everyone closer to the arts, no matter what their background.

We also have spent some time thinking about how we want artFix to grow and develop in the future. Our vision is to open six stores within the next three years throughout London. For this reason, we have been looking at social investment in order to begin this exciting journey. Social investment is perfect for artFix to grow, as our investors are not only concerned with the monetary return, but on the social impact that organisations make. We believe our restructuring will see this happen.

We haven’t just been re-drawing our business plan in our interim. artFix has been developing a series of charitable initiatives that we aim to have in place by next year, which focus on arts education and access to opportunities in the culture world. These programmes will integrate themselves into the Academy model, but focus on providing for those that need it most.

artFix has also been seeking out partnership opportunities for pop-ups, and we potentially have some exciting things coming to the Boroughs of Lewisham, Croydon and Southwark.

For now, we are starting small, but big things will come.



Fundraising for Nepal: a Weekend of Films and Live Art

Good day art lovers! This week we have lots of exciting and important things that you will want to hear about.

In the wake of the tragic earthquake in Nepal which has killed more than 7,500 people and injured more than 14,500 we have decided to put on a Nepali film festival from the 15th to the 17th of this month. All proceeds will go to helping the relief effort. We have been in contact with the Nepali embassy and they recommended that the funds should go to the ‘Prime Minister Disaster Relief Fund’. We have some great feature length as well as short films from Nepal and we will announce the line-up shortly.nepalmainOur theme for the next weekly art battle will be ‘High Art Remastered’.  A famous masterpiece will be picked at random from a bowl. The two artists will depict their interpretation of it live in front of an audience. You know the drill by now. They will have 30 to complete this and then you decide who wins! Exciting as ever, there will be drinks and nibbles to be had so don’t miss this next installation!11063757_613926942040406_4919633769634180806_n We are extremely excited to announce that our new artist in residence is our Raw art battle participant James John Jolly who creates colourful artworks using oil paints, white spirit, water, his hands and various other tools. He is great to watch and is already drawing in passers by. Here is some of his work. Pop in to catch him for yourself. image image (2)

#HighOnArt: 4 Seasons, 5 Performers, 8 Artworks

Stop. Rewind. Take us back to summer!
The weather is being a real bummer this week – rain, cold, wind. It feels like we’re back in autumn again. So, the artFix London team decided to act accordingly and have an Autumn themed Art Battle yesterday (Tuesday, 28th). Duh!

'Separation Anxiety' - Graeme Hallidonto
‘Separation Anxiety’ – Graeme Hallidonto

The Battle was a success, as per usual. Everyone had a great time sipping on a great Apple Pie Punch made by our lovely staff.
It saw the Dundee-born artist Graeme Hallidonto fight against the mesmerising dancing duo of Benjamin Sunarjo and Mara Natterer. In the end, the Scottish painter won and his beautiful artwork (picture above) will be showcased in our space window for a whole week.

Speaking of Art Battles, we’re having and exhibition of all the works made during our Four Season Art Battles on Wednesday 6th May, 7-9pm. The artists will be there, there will be live outdoor performances and delicious food and drinks.
We’re extremely excited, as it’ll be a real celebration of art with great live music by Louiza Lambrianide and Clementine – our go-to musicians and artFix aficionados.

invitation(4 seasons) (1)

On Tuesday 5th May, 6-7.30pm, we’re extremely pleased to announce we’ll be hosting the book launch of ‘Terminal Innocence’, a novel by Klaus Rifbjerg.
The book is a classic of twentieth-century Danish literature. It is the story of the unequal friendship between two teenagers, Janus and Tore, growing up in occupied Denmark, and told from the point of view and in the schoolboy slang of the hero-worshipping Janus.

The event will feature translator Paul Larkin and Dr Mikkel Bruun Zangenberg, Danish literary critic and Lecturer at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Light refreshments will be supplied. It is a free event but seats are limited, so if you’re planning to attend just send an email to norvikevents@gmail.com by Thursday 30 April.


On Monday 11th May, we’re very happy to present another Short Film Night. After Italy, Spain, Poland and France, this time is Russia’s turn! As usual our programme will feature many different film genres ranging from documentaries to comedies and animation. If you’re a film buff or if you simply want to spend a nice different night after work, come and enjoy the films. They are all really good!
Along with the screening, we’ll be offering vodka shots – it’s mandatory – and Russian blinis.
DON’T YOU ALL DARE MISS IT! Click here and book your tickets before they sell out!

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-29 a las 13.36.05

Also, we’re expecting each and everyone of you to use our brand new hashtag #HighOnArt

See you at our space, guys!

La Vie En Rose: French Short Films and Vernissage of Hackney Downs Studios

Bonjour, artFixers!

Hope your beginning was as good as ours. No bad Mondays at artFix London, as you know, we’re always up to some exciting tricks!

This week starts with our usual Short Films night. Tonight (20th April) at 7pm we’ll be showing a selection of contemporary independent Polish Shorts – they’re all freaking good, so you’d better get your tickets RIGHT NOW.
We’ll also be selling some delicious food made by the amazing guys from Pyrlandia, who have a Polish food stall at Soho Market. Along with delectable food, we’ll also be serving Polish beer and authentic vodka from Warsaw brought over to the UK by our Project Manager, Olga Assanowicz.

Next Monday (27th April) we’ll be showing French Films instead – the selection is pretty impressive as well, with one of them premiering at Cannes later this year (we’ve got our connections!), so stay tuned and don’t miss it! We’ll soon be selling tickets online for it too, so make sure you secure a seat for it.
French cheese and wine will dominate our countertop to get you in the proper mood for the night!

L’Accordeur - Olivier Treiner (2010, 13:36)
L’Accordeur – Olivier Treiner (2010, 13:36)

On Tuesday (21st April) our Art Battle strikes back! The theme this time around is SUMMER, so get your shades on, bring along your loyal bucket and spade and come watch two artists compete against each other. This week’s artists both wave from sunny Italy – Lucio Conti and Matteo Ceccotti.
We’ll channel a very summery vibe by putting on some old Italian summer tunes and by projecting sounds and videos that will inspire our painters.
You’ll decide who’s the winner at the end of the 30 minute time window they’ll have to create their art pieces.

11140101_606481329451634_2096561641529840841_nIn other news, our amazing Artist in Residence – Ed Firth – is sadly finishing his residency today. You’ve all been very appreciative of his works so we’re leaving you with his interview, filmed by our great videographer Alba Haut.

photo (4)

Next week’s Artist in Residence will be The Random Sketcher, who you certainly know because he was the runner-up at our last RAW Art Battle in Brick Lane last week. He’s a great artist! Check out this impressive time-lapse video:

On Friday (24th April) we are very excited to be opening the Hackney Downs exhibition “12 x 12”, a group exhibition reappropriating the 12 inch record sleeve as a canvas. The exhibition will be going until Sunday so pop by and have a look, it will be awesome!


While we are sad to have Andrew Stys leaving us, we are pleased to introduce Alessandro Messina as our new Artist of the Week. Alessandro has been passionate about Street Art since his early years. He studied at the School of Art in Sicily and finished his studies in Rome in the Academy of Art. He will be gracing our walls with a selection of his best street style art so come in sometime during the week and have a gander, it’s going to be great!


New Polish Extravaganza & Raw Art Battle and Capoeira Comebacks

Hello art buffs!

How’s your week going? We hope it’s not too tough because we have a lot of news ready for you!
The week at artFix London always starts with a bang and never – ever – fails to wow you.

This week is excitingly busy – it started on Monday (13th) with our Independent Spanish Short Films night. A lot of you came and loved it, you promised and crossed your hearts that you’ll be here for another session next week – we’ll be waiting for each and everyone of you (no, it’s not a threat!)
A big thanks to our Graphic Designer Ana Velas Llanas, who made the delicious tortillas and sangria. Delectable Spanish food!

PS. Next Monday 20th April we’ll be screening Independent Polish Short Films – get your tickets here and don’t miss it. It’ll be mind-blowing! Also, vodka shots and Polish beers will be sold at the bar – duh!


On Tuesday 14th April we’re having our Art Battle but fasten your seatbelts, artFixers, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!
We’ve changed our set up completely – this time around the Art Battle will be more engaging than ever. We’ve turned it into a multi-sensorial experience, you won’t believe it. This week’s theme is SPRING. We felt like we should’ve done something about the beautiful weather that has blessed London in the past few days so get your picnic blankets and come to artFix.
As usual, you’ll have 30 minutes to decide which of the two artists should win the battle but your decision this time will have to take into account different elements – we’ll be projecting videos on the wall and recreate a spring environment to help the artists channel the topic onto the canvasses.
You’ll see how amazing it is!

11037636_603947533038347_3698775883692916166_nOn Wednesday 15th April, time to get your dancing shoes on again: it’s Capoeira time!
Following the great success of the past events, we’ve decided to host another Capoeira night, performed by the ever so talented Kabula group.
They’ll combine visual arts with their live dancing performance in our space in Soho. They’ll create what they call a Capoeira ‘Roda’ with the aim of combining Brazilian tradition with live art.
The price is £2 as per usual. You can either buy at the door or – if you can wait – just click here and get it beforehand online.

11080651_600780430021724_2807132805187538547_oOn Tuesday 16th April – ALAS! – the RAW Art Battle is back.
What’s better than a weekly Art Battle? TWO weekly Art Battles! We’ll be collaborating with RAW – Natural Born Artists and the programme envisions a special edition of our Art Battles in the frame of RAW’s monthly event ‘Exposure’.
Artists James John Jolly and Samira Addo will be given a blank canvas, courtesy of CASS ART, and will have half an hour to create artworks on a given theme in whatever medium and style they wish.
The showcase will take place on 93 Feet East, Brick Lane – so be prepared to venture East and enjoy this unique experience.
Click here and get your tickets, you surely don’t want to miss out on this one!

11150154_604920722941028_5141697706675797660_nIn other news, make sure you pop to our store this week because we have a brand new Artist of the Week. His name is Andew Stys and he’s uber talented! He created a collection of art works specifically for artFix engaging with the Soho community. Below is a sneaky preview of his creations but you’ll have to come in person and check them out – they’re jaw-dropping!
16839311689_756a061ff3_oOn Saturday 18th April music is back with a bang to the artFix premises: it’s RECORD DAY in Soho with, among other things, a live music festival on Berwick Street, and we’re obviously taking part because we love good tunes and a good ol’ party!
It’s  be a very busy day packed with live events from photographers, painters, Dj’s, dancers.

9am-5pm we’ll have two artists painting whatever is happening around Soho on Record Day. Marta Corada, our Artist of the Week and Ed Firth, an animator and artist living in London makes and mixes live animated and video visuals, draws beards, and designs motion graphics. They will be creating, live, their own impression of the Record Day in Soho and displaying it on the artFix space.

Also, live Dj sets taking place presented by Flow 2 The Floor Records in various styles from funk, soul, afro beat to house on the decks Dj J Hart, Y-etizm and The New Neighbours. In the evening our regular Chop shop event starts where music enthusiasts can expect to experience live beat making session by Micall Parkinsun.  Handcrafted beats will be produced from random records on the spot by. This is an impro session not to be missed.

5pm to 9pm The Chop Shop free event will cater for like-minded music-lovers into records, samples and music production, and urges people to interact, network and celebrate good music together!

record stores day
Are you still thinking whether you should come or not? Don’t make us take off our earrings, get your beautiful self over here!

Spanish Shorts and Sunday Sessions

We hope your Easter break was lush and that you had a lot of nice food, chocolate and rest! Time for you to come back to artFix London, as we have many events lined up for you.

For starters, thanks to everyone who came to our Italian Short Night on Monday 30th March. It was a great success and you were all so enthusiastic. Keep it up, artFixers! That makes us even more excited to organise more amazing events.

Precisely because most of our regulars are film buffs, our April Monday Shorts are in full swing this week as well – we’ll all be travelling to Spain next Monday 13th April to have a look at some of their best contemporary independent shorts.
Unlike last time, the event is ticketed but the price is – as per usual – real cheap! £3.50 for the screenings and a drink of your choice and, listen up, we’re making Sangria this time. Our amazing Spanish team members are going crazy this week and decided to get into the kitchen and make the traditional fruity beverage along some delicious Spanish tapas. To enjoy all this goodness whilst watching some outstanding short film, all you have to do is secure your seat by clicking HERE.

Mi Amigo Jaime – Alejandro Beltran

In other news, Lewis Campbell‘s Residence has sadly come to an end but you’ve all been very supportive and have appreciated his art throughout the week, so here’s a special treat for you – our very own interview with him about his projects, made by our fantastic videographer Alba Haut.

Lewis Campbell - Art Work he donated to artFix London

If you guys remember – if you don’t shame on you! – last week we introduced our weekend music events led by Flow To The Floor. The first one we had on Sunday  5th April was awesome and many people came and stayed all afternoon round.

This week’s Artist in Residence will be Marta Corada, a Spanish artist from La Rioja. She mainly works with photography manipulation, whether it’s digitally, through a collage or manual drawing. She likes to describe her art as documentary. Here’s a sneak peak, we can’t wait to see what she’ll create over her residency.

Marta Corada - Shanghai Memories

Along our brand new Artist in Residence, we’re very happy to announce our new Artist of the Week, whose works will be hanging on our café walls for you to admire and purchase. His name is Andrew Stys and he’s been working on a set of collages thematically linked to Soho. They all look stunning and we can’t wait for you to have a look a them!

Andrew Stys

Also, following the success of our first Sunday Music Session in collaboration with Flow to the Floor, we’ll be having another session this coming Sunday 12th April. Come a dance along the amazing music vibes their artists will create!

We’re so excited about this week’s news, aren’t you too?

artFix Party, Contests and Independent Films!

Hey artFixers! Spring is here and so are loads of new plans for artFix. Things are evolving, we’re expanding more and more every day and we can’t wait to share all this with you!

So this week starts with a bang!
Starting tonight (30/03), we’re launching our brand new Monday Screening concept – every Monday night we’ll be showing country-specific independent short films, so as to make you familiar with all exciting film industries across Europe.

Given our fondness for Italy, tonight’s event will feature 5 Italian short films – all different genres and topics, to get you acquainted with as many directors and ways of making film as possible!Our first event is absolutely FREE and we’ll be serving drinks at the bar! Don’t miss out on this great chance to know more about contemporary Italian film.

10569096_597822976984136_5362211879566169602_nOn Tuesday (31/03) we are extremely happy to announce that we’ll be having our first artFix party! I’ll be a night of celebration of our activity, our spirit and our events. There will be an Art Battle and our founder – George Neris – will be giving a speech, pointing out all the exciting future plans of our great Soho space. Press and journalists will attend and we’ll reply to all of your queries.

The night will start with a reception – great food and delicious Spanish drinks will be served and then the performances will begin. Our best artists will come perform and show their works. It’ll be a great chance to network and experience artFix at its best!


On Thursday (02/03) we’re introducing the FIRST edition of our artQuix – our very own art quiz. Come to our space in Soho, get yourself a good old drink and engage in the best art quiz you could ever get! We don’t want to put pressure on you but we strongly advice getting out your old art history book from school and give it a good revision! The teachers are coming to test you, make sure you get a shiny A+!

Fun is on the menu – bring all of your friends, bring a good clique! We’ll be starting at 6.30 pm and it’s FREE, so another good excuse to make your way out to Soho!

art quizIn other news, we know you’ve been checking and loving our Artists in Residence in the past three weeks. Last week Fábio Fraga enchanted everyone with his drawings and unconventional style. If you want to know more about his art, watch our interview below shot by our multi-talented videographer Alba Haut:

photo (3)Now, time to introduce two additional things that we’re super excited about!

First of all, we’ve just started a contest for new emerging artists. Listen up, you great creative lot out there! Our contest will designate one special lucky artist who gets the chance to exhibit his work in our great art space in the heart of Soho.
Yep, you’ve heard right! Any artist can apply, provided they have some works ready to be exhibited and admired by our flocks of aficionados.
The deadline is on the 12th April so hurry up and send us your application!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.08.08

Finally, following the success of yesterday’s pop-up music event, we’ll be having pop-up record and fashion market and live DJ set and hardware based performing acts on Sundays, 2-9 pm in our space. So, keep the party going, listening to some great tunes and surrounded by edgy fashion in the heart of Soho!

Jay, the founder of record label Flow To The Floor and loyal collaborator of artFix will be hosting the event.
Flow 2 The Floor Records is a group of friends aiming to release a wide selection of talented artists internationally, focusing on high quality music. All of our artists and members are specialists in their own field and proud to be a member of our organisation.

sunday flyer

Check out theirSoundCloud and here’s a little additional taste of what they do:

Have we enticed you? Stay tuned and you’ll find out more about these talented guys!

Kinky Week Ahead: Yes, You’ve Heard Right!

Another day, another dawn, another mind-blowing line-up of events at artFix London!

We hope you’re weekend was pure bliss and we’d like to thank each and everyone who made it to the extended dates of our Swedish Film Festival. Our space was packed and you flattered us with way too many enthusiastic comments! Keep it up, guys, it’s our goal to make you love art and enjoy what we do!

This week starts with our usual Monday Screening – we’re sad to announce it’ll be the last time we screen an old evergreen film classic but we’re also extremely thrilled for what comes next. Here’s a cheeky sneak preview of next Monday’s (30th March) film related event – get a good bottle of Chianti open, sit back and get crazy for our Italian independent shorts night! They’re all fantastic films, encompassing different genres and engaging with a diverse set of themes. We can’t wait for you to see them!

Captura de pantalla 2015-03-23 a las 15.29.44
Don’t get too excited though, you first HAVE to come to tonight’s screening (23rd March). We’ll be showing the great ever so popular American horror movie ‘House on Haunted Hill’ (1959, William Castle). The screening is free, so you have no excuse to miss it! It’s also at 6pm – straight after work – and only 75 minutes long, so you won’t be late for dinner!

house_on_haunted_hillOur Tuesday 22nd March Art Battle this week is extraordinarily interesting – for the first time in the artFix premises, a cartoonist – Simon Ellinas – will be performing. He is one of London’s foremost professional caricaturist and cartoonists. Simon began drawing cartoons and caricatures of his friends and teachers at school, and now he’s renowned for drawing some of the most famous faces in the world. He will be competing against German painter and actress Irina Roknic. Irina is from Hamburg, where she trained as an actress and currently works as a voice-over artist and illustrator. She also started her own film production company called ‘Upstartfilm‘.

You know how it works: 30 minutes to create an art work and then YOU will decide who wins! Entrance is only £2 and you’ll be up for the artsy night of your life!

Simon (1)

On Wednesday 24rd March at 7 pm our weekly ‘artFix Introduces’ session strikes back! We’ll be introducing I Know What I Like – an arts facilitation organisation which aims to enrich people’s access and understanding of London’s contemporary art scene, while promoting work by artist members through arts consultancy, sales, rentals and events. Among other things, they organise free gallery visits and art walks, members only art soirées, and promote up-and-coming artists through exhibitions and events in selected locations. For a preview of their supported artists, head to their website, they’re all wonderfully talented!


On Thursday 25th March artFix London will be hosting a fashion show! Pop by and watch a preview of the 2015 Summer bikini Collection by Brazilian swimwear brand Kinky Octopus. From 6pm to 9pm our store and the streets of Soho will be invaded by their models! Alongside the show, delectable Brazilian canapés and authentic Carioca cocktails will be provided by Leblon Cachaça. Please this note is invitation only, so make sure you reply to our newsletter!


On Friday 26th March pull out your best outfits and dancing shoes because DJs will be in the house! Chop Shop is back with a bang and will make you all itch for a good dance!
For this event we’re hosting a set of amazing DJs from Blatantly Blunt and guess what? FREE ENTRANCE! We’ll be serving drinks at the bar from 7pm to 9pm and we’ll make sure you’ll have an unforgettable time at artFix!

CPA for DJs & Music Producers in NYC

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be always in the loop and know all about artFix London’s exciting plans!