After much hard work and perseverance artFix are proud to present our new office! Not only is it nestled in the heart of London but its rather attractive bright orange walls make us think, ‘what January blues?’ So for the past few days our team have been busy buying candles, printers and drilling in curtains around the creative hub of our new and exciting artistic venture! Of course no office would be complete without coffee, the fuel of inspiration. At the moment tea and instant coffee minus milk is on offer – we’re working on it.

The team working hard in the new office
The team working hard in the new office

So, today Sam and Tom, from production company Gro-up, arrived to discuss the hows and whys of the filming for our second campaign video. The team are definitely getting ready to playing their starring roles and Zafeirenia, our General Manager, is working closely with Sam to judge the film’s direction. The video is one of the most important aspects of our campaign because it is a great way to introduce artFix as a uniquely creative high street store, and ourselves so that we can get to know you! I definitely look forward to watching the energy and creativity that I know will go into the film tomorrow so watch this space!

Tom and Zafeirenia work on the video script
Tom and Zafeirenia work on the video script

Lunch was a mixed one today. No, we didn’t change from our Yo Sushi! local – why fix something that isn’t broken? – but we simultaneously celebrated the birthdays of Joseph and Long Long and waved goodbye to Yiting, our Finance management team member who has been with artFix since last year. It’s always sad when someone leaves the group so there were a few smiles and a few tears but lots of well wishes…

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