This morning I walked into the bright lights of the office and the bustle of cameramen and team members – time to film! In moving from museums and concert halls to the high street art is coming out in the form of artFix but it was also coming out in the team as we prepared to learn the script. In fact now would be a great time to introduce them!

From left to right:-

team photo
Members of the Dream Team

Long Long – Specialises in business development. Enjoys constructing military-themed models in his spare time and is a badminton enthusiast

Adnan – Project/ Construction manager, specialising in construction engineering – he also skis, plays volleyball and is a general action man

Monica – Works in Marketing and Communications and loves photography

Jilke – Works in Arts Administration, specialising in fine arts. In her spare time she enjoys photography

Sophie – Works in Arts Administration, specialising in performing arts. In her spare time she enjoys attending Pilates and life drawing classes

Nadia – Part of the Arts Production team, specialising in arts management. She loves performance and used to take part in theatre in Athens and Cyprus

George – Founder and CEO of artFix. 20 years of experience as a solicitor, entrepreneur and arts producer. In his spare time he enjoys taking road trips on his motorbike

Zafeirenia  – General Manager, specialising in marketing and production for cultural and community projects. Previously trained as classical ballet dancer and is a professional pianist 

Rita – Works in graphic design/ photography which she also loves to continue in her spare time

Ioanna – Works in Arts Programming, specialising in performing arts, narrative building and learning activities. In her spare time she enjoys making jewellery

Joseph – Works in Arts Administration, specialising in Learning and Partnerships. In his spare time he enjoys playing the guitar

There are a few other members of the team who weren’t able to attend the photo opportunity:

Samir – Works as a curator. 20 years of experience in retail, fashion and the arts business

Ingrid – Designer/ Scenographer, specialising in theatre design

Liu – Technology expert specialising in digitalisation and 3D visualisation of art works and heritage artefacts

And of course myself, Gurpreet, who took the photo: I work as part of the Marketing and Communications team and in my spare time I enjoy baking and watching the f1

Gro-up work with Joseph in the artFix studio
Gro-up work with Joseph in the artFix studio

Apart from taking many of us back to the terror of our school days, filming was fun. Not only did we laugh so much but the weather was lovely, energy was high and the artFix message came across brilliantly: that art, in all its forms, can and should be accessible, affordable and enjoyed on the familiarity of the high street. Will definitely update you all when it’s finally edited and broadcast – make sure you look forward to some cheeky outtakes which are just too good not to post.


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