Good evening fellow art-lovers! Today is Sunday which, for me, means a day to recover from the week, relax and read. So in between munching through a late dinner and watching re-runs of Eastenders, I was willingly captured by ‘Fairly Popular’ an interesting article featured in the Economist online. It is about the competition between art galleries and art fairs and is a really great read, not least because it provides supporting context to the work the team is doing at artFix.

The article is interesting for the way that it attributes the declining interest in museums/ galleries to the increase in demand for modern artists but also the old-fashioned nature of art establishments; unlike art fairs, museums/ galleries generally demand a lot of time to explore.

It’s funny because a lot of the time we talk about the way that technology is becoming more and more advanced so that we can get/ do things easier and faster. However, as it develops so does our desire for everything in our lives to advance in a similar way – including our experience of art. People don’t like to spend half a day ‘traipsing’ around a single gallery. Consequently, dealers are also becoming more efficient about changing the way they operate to meet this need. NEED is the key word in all of this; it is all about having and being able to satisfy ‘need’ which allows for organisations to do well.

Going to seasonal art fairs is one increasingly popular way this need is met. With several dealers in one place they are suitable to host a variety of art at the convenience of the public. artFix also supports this idea, supporting and encouraging the boom of modern art as well as the classical style with the aim of not only making art more accessible but also affordable. Unlike art fairs, artFix stores will also have the added advantage of hosting art all year round. In the UK the creative industry is the second most-powerful sector, worth $32 billion a year. Despite this, however, 85% of the population still do not attend art events more than once a year because it is expensive and time-consuming.

If anything, reading this article has made me more excited about the future of artFix because it confirms that there is a need for everything that our store represents – accessibility, affordability and variety, needs which are only just beginning to be met.

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