Firstly, apologies! The video is not ready yet – the team had an initial viewing of the first edit today which was great but there are still a few sound tweaks to be made and of course, the valuable outtakes need to be strung together.

So this morning there was the unmistakeable smell of quality cappuccinos buzzing through the office. The jar of instant was near untouched, except to move it into a stowaway box and that’s when I knew – we have a coffee machine! It’s true when they say that it’s the little things that make a day go well and the team were ecstatic, not least because we also had installed a mini-fridge. Milky coffees all round then!

Learning about our new coffee machine
Learning about our new coffee machine

And it’s just as well because times are getting busy. Last week Jilke went to the London Creative Works Workshop hosted at Rich Mix in Shoreditch. This was a great opportunity to mix with professionals from other cultural and creative companies and consider potential team mates in application for the Creative Voucher Scheme. Moreover, today, both Jilke and Sophie have a deadline to submit an application for the London Creative & Digital Fusion Collaborative. This is a really important opportunity for artFix because it is ideal to show off our unique creative and digital blend. Plus, the research prize money would be great to fund key developments in the artFix project – fingers crossed!

Jilke (left) and Sophie (right) hard at work
Jilke (left) and Sophie (right) hard at work

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