So spring seems to be coming on early for the artFix team as the office is opening out to shake hands with more artists and investors which is great! Continuing on from the buzz of yesterday morning, Monday evening also saw the team working hard as Jilke, George and Nadia attended two business events.

Jilke went to the King’s College Social Entrepreneurship Competition Launch – an inspirational event which encouraged small companies to see solutions through problems and foster a positive and resilient attitude from the outset. Whilst it was a long evening, with one speaker conducting an impressively engaging talk utilising 77 motivational slides, it was an invaluable opportunity to learn about the power of motivation from companies such as Ashoka and Divine Chocolate (yes there was free chocolate :).

The venue of Social Entrepreneurship Competition Launch
The venue of Social Entrepreneurship Competition Launch

At the same time and in a nearby area of London, George and Nadia attended a Crowdbnk event where they set up our campaign video in a small booth to promote artFix and potentially raise funds for the project. With so much welcome interest in our work it turned out to be an exciting and busy three hours interacting with a number of investors and other start-up organisations. I have strong faith that this will amount to some good news very soon!

Nadia at the Crowdbnk event

Currently, as a new company, the team is investing a lot of effort into engaging the interest of the public and pitching our aims and the benefits of artFix to artists and investors. We wholly believe in this project and this is what allows us to persevere with passion and turn up smiling on a Monday morning, with or without coffee.

So it is rewarding, at this stage in the process, to hear it from you that you are also excited by what we’re doing. One artist, Lilas Bizrah, specialising in visual art, visited us at the office today and treated us with a showcase of her portfolio and the variety of projects she has undertaken. She is one of the many artists currently interested in the artFix launch and says that ‘Art for me is my haven, my sanctuary from the stresses of life. I think innovation and creativity are key to free our imagination.’ In speaking about what we were doing said that she ‘thought it was about time someone did this. It is a really nice idea.’

Nadia talking to Lilas, an artist
Nadia talking to Lilas, an artist

For us, it gives us great pleasure to get feedback from you that we are doing something which has the potential to enrich your lives in some way so make sure you let us know your thoughts about what we’re doing because it’s always great to hear what you have to say.

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