Good afternoon readers! So by now you are probably well acquainted with the wet, windy and generally miserable weather which has replaced that bright sun we had on Tuesday, but as they say in theatre, the show must go on. With this in mind, therefore, I am delighted to announce that the new video for our campaign has finally been released! It has undergone a series of edits and now even has a pleasantly melodious accompaniment – we hope you like it, share it and look forward to reading the opinions you have of our work. I have attached it to this blog so that you may easily watch it to your heart’s content.

Meanwhile the Outtakes video is currently being worked through the production process – I for one, am really looking forward to watching this because I know that it will be quality viewing but also because I do not feature in any scene.

This morning the team got together for our weekly meeting. We discussed some marketing issues and more about how to get the artFix project out there to all of you in a clear and exciting way. Also, one of the many ideas which have been floating around the office lately is to set-up a mock-up store; this was agreed today.

So, exclusive news! – artFix will be setting up a mock-up pop-up store (a little bit of a mouthful) at the end of February. This will be a fantastic opportunity for artists to come and present their work to us so if you are at all interested in the project I encourage you to contact us NOW – hopefully you will already have noticed my e-mail address at the bottom of the blog page! It is truly a fantastic opportunity to get your work out there – event details will be announced shortly so, as always, watch this space!

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