So what did you think of the outtakes – funny right?

Today I have been working hard on researching contacts and updating our press list to send out e-mails about the ‘artFix Experience’ on the 27th and 28th February (make sure you get your applications in!) and in preparation for when we send out press releases.

Researching the work of a variety of art bloggers was really interesting – I discovered some amazing and unusual talent from fantastic origami experts to enthralling visual artists. So thank you for publishing all your work – a lot of you will have received a message from me inviting you to participate in the end-of-February event. I hope that you do get in contact with our team.

As well as this I experienced the joy of cold-calling numerous magazines around London. It was actually a great experience and I had some very interesting chats, one of which lasted 30 minutes!

In the office today Nadia met a visual artist called Alexandre Piacsek who makes abstract paintings and figurative works. In talking to us about his work Alexandre said ‘I build original sketches into colourful fine art illustrations which resemble the title cover of a comic book. I recently finished a collection of vintage-style postcards named Britannia depicting infamous and typically British culture and people throughout the ages. My paintings are actually done very fast, I rediscovered a glorious surrealist technique that is allowing me to produce lots of works a week. The paintings evoke mystery and the ethereal and allow the viewer to channel his own imagination.’

Alexandre Piacsek

In speaking about artFix Alexandre said

that it was the ‘idea to showcase art on high street for a large audience’ which excited him most – it’s really good to see that the unique concept of art on the high street is being received so well by both artists and the public

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