So today we kicked things off with a mini team discussion to reign in and discuss some of the ideas which were bouncing around the office regarding our first event coming up at the end of February. We’re saving the larger part of this for tomorrow when Nadia and Zafeirenia are also here.

Coming into the office today I noticed new additions to the space – some more posters, a colourful explosion of thoughts artfully scattered across several white a3 sheets and a whiteboard. There’s just something about a whiteboard that when you see one you instantly want to grab a pen and start doodling away.

Perhaps what really lifted the atmosphere of the office though were the certificates newly won from the TiE International Business Plan Competition in Brussels…

…back to the work.

So today Joseph followed up on a long list of e-mails sent in by artists and arts societies in the vicinity. I also similarly followed up on e-mails from magazine and newspaper editors interested in the venture. It’s a great feeling to capture the interest of people on the telephone; hearing a couple of ‘oohs’ on the telephone definitely gives us a good feeling and always increases our confidence in the project.

George was also engaged in a couple of calls posing the possibility of launching an artFix store abroad – very exciting. It looks like it’s not only London that is embracing the concept but also the world that is looking forward to making art more accessible and affordable for the people.

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