Good evening everyone! Hope you are all happy and healthy on this fine (dare I say Spring?) day.

As the founders of the artFix field day, Jilke and Sophie have been creating new trails across London, as they explore and discover ever more new and interesting places to get their art fix. Last week they had the opportunity of indulging in a feast for the eyes, as they attended a private viewing of Richard Mosse’s debut solo exhibition, ‘The Enclave’ in the Brewer Street car park in Soho.

Richard Mosse's 'The Enclave
Richard Mosse’s ‘The Enclave


Richard Mosse's 'The Enclave'
Richard Mosse’s ‘The Enclave’

Running until the 26th April, both agreed that it was an amazing exhibition which depicts the culmination of Mosse’s work in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. It is definitely one which they would recommend to anyone out there interested in a powerfully vibrant creative experience.  As a multi-channel video installation originally commissioned for the Irish Pavilion, Jilke said that the number of double-sided projection screens really succeeded in generating a multi-sensory experience. As you know, this is something that is particularly interesting for the screen design of our pop-up store, opening in June.  

Richard Mosse's 'The Enclave'
Richard Mosse’s ‘The Enclave’

As well as this, Jilke and Sophie also attended the long-awaited London Coffee Festival on Friday. They had been excited about it since the beginning of the week so you can imagine their enthusiasm when they finally got their (and their conditions once they had loaded up on coffee).

London Coffee Festival!
London Coffee Festival!

As well as sampling the coffee they had the chance to try out the chocolate, frozen yoghurt, pastries, popcorn, whiskey, juice and tea from a variety of different traders (yes I wish I had gone too). As well as clearly being a delicious day out, it was useful and both spoke to a couple of traders whose brands they liked and whose products fit with the artFix identity.

Sophie in her element
Sophie in her element

Hopefully, we’ll get some positive feedback when we contact them next week!



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