The Danish Week!

In collaboration with the Danish Film Institute and the Danish Cultural Institute artFix is happy to hold its first ever film festival! Celebrating the diverse range of contemporary Danish cinematography, the artFix store will host screenings from Thursday (February 5th) to Sunday (February 8th). What’s more, on Friday evening the screening of Lars von Trier’s Europa will be followed by a discussion led by a specialist in Scandinavian Film. Intrigued? You better be!


Dr. Claire Thomson a Senior Lecturer in Scandinavian Film at UCL who specialises in Danish cinema (especially documentaries, Dogme 95 films and the work of Carl Theodor Dreyer, and has published the book ‘Thomas Vinterberg’s Festen’) will host a discussion on the films of Lars von Trier in the wider context of Danish cinema. Because sometimes one needs to discuss a von Trier film with someone else…


Following the Danish vibe the artFix store is also hosting Benedikte Utzon’s fashion POP UP (between February 7th – 8th)! A Danish Brand with a lineage of Scandinavian simplicity and elegance in design will be presenting a first look at the sample collection of EST. 1995.

est logo

We would like to point out that non-Danish events will also take place this week! For instance, there will be a performance (8th February) for children based on a Greek fairy-tale. Our mission to make the arts more accessible, fun and affordable is not exclusive to adults! artFix exists to equally satisfy the needs of the youngest art lovers!

Aeroplio (theatre)

No to forget to mention, last night we were thrilled to launch our new project, Art Battles supported by Cass Art, for a full house of art professionals and enthusiasts. Two RAW artists, Stephanie and Embelina, were provided with two blank canvases, courtesy of Cass Art, on which they could create works in whatever media and style they wish. Despite the exciting idea of the “battle”, the great results reached by both artists during the competition showed effectively the subjective nature of art and how people can always develop an emotional engagement with a creative work. Huge thank you for all joining and making the event so unforgettable! Special thanks for our Live artists, Cass Art and RAW London!


We will talk soon! At the meantime please check our social media and the website for more information on the upcoming events!

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