On last week’s success and upcoming events

So many things have happened recently that it’s hard to decide where to start! Last Thursday, for example, saw artFix take a trip across London to Brick Lane, where we were part of RAW PRESENT organised by RAW London. We were thrilled to launch our new project, Art Battles supported by Cass Art, to a full house of art professionals and enthusiasts.


Two RAW artists, Stephanie and Embelina, had half an hour to create art pieces live in front of an audience, according to a given theme. Being inspired by the romantic theme of the ‘sublime’ with the requirement of using the colour red, the two artists were instantly at work realising their unique artworks. A crowd gathered round and watched rapturously as they got an exciting chance to see two artists create distinct masterpieces before their eyes, whilst a DJ kept the atmosphere pumping with some music.


A huge thank you once again to everyone for joining us and making the event so awesome! Come and see the results of the battle in our store!


Also please don’t forget to join us this Thursday, 12th February at 6pm, for a special interdisciplinary edition of the art battle in our store in the heart of Soho, at 27 Peter Street W1F 0AJ! Two artists – a photographer and a painter will have half an hour to create their pieces.This time the artists’ source of inspiration will be our team-member Maggie Poppy Moursy (pictured below!). She will become the muse of the two artists for half an hour! The final versions will be projected on the screen for you to be a critic and decide who the winner will be! BTW this is a weekly thing from now on and will happen every Thursday.


The Danish film festival was such a huge success! artFix has received so much positive feedback, not to mention press coverage (Londonist featured the festival at artFix as one of the top things to do in London over the last weekend!). Hence, we have splendid news for those who wanted more of Danish films or those who didn’t have a chance to join us last week. To satisfy the numerous requests we have managed to extend the dates of the festival. So this weekend you can immerse into the Danish cinematography once gain (from February 13 to February 15)! Browse the films and book your FREE tickets here.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 18.01.03

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 17.59.17

As of other this week’s events! A screening of a documentary and a Q&A session with the filmmakers will take place at artFix on Wednesday (February 18th, which is today btw). The battle between Greece’s radical left government Syriza and the global financial system is captivating the world. The drama could end quickly – if Greek banks collapse; it could end in a massive u-turn by Europe, or social chaos. Come and discuss the situation over food and drink with the makers of the short documentary Greece: The End of Austerity, which follows Syriza’s activists, candidates and leadership from the waterfront, to remote mountain villages, to the nail biting final days. Any money raised on the night will go straight to helping the team complete a feature-length documentary so they can continue to tell the story of this unique radical left government in Europe.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 19.29.27

Remember that everyday something new and exciting is happening at artFix, so check our social media and the website to be up-to-date. Stay tuned!

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