This Week: Turning Our Pretty Little Store Into a Art Temple

Another week, another amazing line-up of events at our sweet art space in Soho!

Woah, last week was such a success! Thanks to everyone who made it to our Tuesday Art Battle and to the mind-blowing 5th edition of Hysteria. Great vibes, great art and performances and – most importantly – great audience! We hope you liked it as much as we did – and you can bet we had a lot of fun!

On this week’s programme:

Tonight (2nd March) will see our regular Monday Screening. We’ll be projecting Stanley Donen’s 1963 ‘Charade’, starring the stunningly classy Audrey Hepburn and the ever so charming Carey Grant. Come join us at 7pm and dream about the perfect love story set in the city of love par excellence – Paris.

On Tuesday (3rd March) – as per usual – we’re hosting our successful Art Battle. This week’s contestants are the Brighton-based photographer, painter and dancer Amanda Cannon and Malvina Nicolau – King’s College London student, who waves from sunny Greece! They’re both incredibly talented artists, so the competition will be tight. We’re are looking forward to the artsy tricks they’ll pull to win the battle!

Amanda Cannon
Amanda Cannon

On Thursday (5th March) we’re very excited to host the first edition of ‘artFix Introduces’ – a weekly event where we’ll be introducing our audience to a London-based art company. They’ll get a chance to explain who they are and what they do and you’ll get to know them over a good drink and some delicious snacks provided by us. This week’s guest star is ‘RAW London: Natural Born Artists’, an awesome international art organisation working within all sort of disciplines – from performative to visual arts. We can’t wait to meet them, can you?

In addition to the launch of ‘artFix Introduces’, this week also sees the beginning of a weekly collaboration between our art space and an artist – our ‘Artist in Residence’. Our artist in residence this week is Giannalisa Digiacomo, who you’ve already met a couple of weeks ago on one of our Tuesday art battles. Giannalisa, a very talented Italian painter, will come to the art space every day for a week, starting from Friday (6th March), and she’ll use it as her own studio. She’ll paint new works and exhibit existing ones. If you love art or are simply curious about what an artist’s routine is normally like, you should come and meet Giannalisa and see her creations come to life by her skilful brush strokes.


Also – in full artFix tradition – we have a fantastic new artist of the week! Her name is Corina Traistaru and she’s a wonderfully talented Romanian photographer. Come to the store and check out her great photos, you’ll want to buy all of them as soon as you see them!

artfix (2 of 1)
Corina Traistaru

Support artFix app and store on Hubbub for the priceless feeling of being a philanthropist and don’t forget to get in touch with us to find out how easy it is to showcase your works in a super central London location!

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