Brazilian Dance and Scandinavian Film – Best Combo for a Busy Artsy Week!

Rise and shine, Londoners! It’s a new week with a brand new artFix programme to attend!
Last week was super successful with the introduction of our new Artist in Residence concept. Giannalisa Digiacomo moved into our store on Friday and will be there till Thursday 12th March, so you’re still in time to come and see how she goes about the whole creative process and admire her painting technique. She might even take a portrait of you, if you’re lucky! She’s currently inspired by London roofs and plants growing in a foreign urban environment – so, make sure you see how this comes to life on a canvas.

image (2)
On Monday (9th March) at 6pm we’ll be showing a staple of German cinema – the much acclaimed drama-thriller ‘M’ by Fritz Lang. ‘M’ was the first sound film Lang directed and it was released only two years before Hitler came to power. It’s considered Lang’s masterpiece and vividly describes on screen the then disintegrating Weimar Republic. We strongly advise you to pop by after work, have a mellow drink at our arts space and enjoy this little gem for FREE!

On Tuesday (10th March) at 7pm we’re presenting our ever so thrilling Art Battle. This week will see the greatly talented dances from Kabula Capoeira Angola group perform, along with illustrator Lewis Campbell and photographer Rory Rae. It will be a battle like no other, so you’d better get your tickets here and we promise you’ll be wowed by their great talent! We really can’t think of a better way to spend your Tuesday night!


On Thursday (12th March) at 7pm our new regular event is taking place: the time for artFix introduces has come! After the great success of last week’s event with RAW London: Natural Born Artists, this week’s organisation is Cockpit Arts. Cockpit Arts is an award winning social enterprise and a UK goldmine of designer-makers. Since they first started in 1986, they have helped thousands of talented craftspeople to grow their businesses, many of whom have gone on to achieve national and international success. Here’s a presentation video of this dynamic creative industry that will be presenting at our store in Soho:


From Friday (13th March) to Monday (16th March) our Swedish Film Festival will be running. We are super excited to host this celebration of Scandinavian film culture in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Institute. The attending costs vary from £2 to £3.50 and include a drink! Book your tickets here just to make sure you can get a seat, as they are limited and will sell out quickly.
All of seven screenings will be of films made in the last five years, many of which have not received UK cinema releases, so make the most of this rare opportunity to see these films on the big screen!

On the opening day – Friday 13th March – we’ll screen a collection of contemporary shorts (2004 – 2013) at 1pm. The day will go on with two more screenings:

PALME (2012, Maud Nycander/Kristina Lyndstrom), 105 mins – 4pm
It is a film about Olof Palm – a man who changed history and created a better Sweden. It’s been nearly 30 since he was shot dead on the streets of Stockholm, this film celebrates his life and achievements.

TRESPASSING BERGMAN (2013, Jane Magnusson/Hynek Pallas), 107 mins – 7pm
In Trespassing Bergman, some of the world’s leading directors and actors talk about their relationship with – Ingmar Bergman – the demon director and his films. Features appearances from Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Wes Anderson and Claire Denis, among many others.
Followed by a post-screening discussion led by Dr. Claire Thomson, Senior Lecturer in Scandinavian Cinema at UCL.


On Saturday (14th March), we’ll be screening:

HOTELL (2013, Lisa Langseth), 97 mins – 2pm
Erika has it all: a good job, lots of friends and a steady relationship. Until the day it all falls apart. Suddenly this perfect life means nothing. She starts going to group therapy and meets other people with different kinds of traumas. One day a question is raised: “Why shouldn’t we be allowed to feel good?” They decide to head to a place of complete anonymity, a place where you can be whoever you want to be – they start checking into hotels. Starring Alicia Vikander, star of Testament of Youth and Ex Machina.

SHED NO TEARS (2013, Mans Marlind/Bjorn Stein), 109 mins – 5pm
In the town of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast, Pal dreams about making it with his music. But he has one major obstacle: himself. We follow Pal on an emotional journey through friendship and hardship, love and betrayal to ultimately find his calling.

Shed No Tears (2013, Mans Marlind/Bjorn Stein)

Sunday (15th March) we’ll be showing:

BEHIND BLUE SKIES (2010, Hannes Holm), 107 mins – 2pm
Martin escapes his alcoholic father for a summer job at the exclusive Royal Yacht Club in the idyllic archipelago of Stockholm in 1975. He meets true love for the first time and is being groomed by Gosta, a playboy in the centre of high society. Martin is inevitably drawn into one of the greatest scandals in Swedish crime history.

STOCKHOLM STORIES (2014, Karin Fahlen), 97 mins – 5pm
Stockholm Stories is a contemporary and humorous multi-plot drama about five people whose paths cross during a few rainy days in November. How much light do we need to see each other? And how much darkness to dare to meet? You need to unplug to connect.

Behind Blue Skies
Behind Blue Skies (2010, Hannes Holm)

Finally on Monday (16th March) we’ll be presenting the screening of BELLEVILLE BABY (2013, Mia Engberg), 75 mins – 6:30pm
A man from the past calls the filmmaker Mia Engberg and tells her he has spent many years in jail. She remembers the spring when they met in Paris, the riots, the Vespa, and the cat he gave her. She also remembers that one day he disappeared… A film about time, memories and things that got lost on the way.

Bellville Baby (2013, Mia Engberg)
Bellville Baby (2013, Mia Engberg)

Support artFix app and store on Hubbub for the priceless feeling of being a philanthropist and don’t forget to get in touch with us to find out how easy it is to showcase your works in a super central London location!

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