Capoeira Encore: Get Groovy with artFix

Good Monday, artsy kids! artFix London is back with another spectacular array of events that will blow you away this week. First things first – we’re the realest (as Iggy Azalea taught us) – we’d like to thank each and everyone of you who took time to come to our Swedish Film Festival. It was a HUGE success, thanks to all of you! We got so much positive feedback and kind words. Stay tuned – we’ve got more screenings in store for you this week. image (2)

Monday 16th March, 6:30 pm – today’s the final day of our Swedish Film Festival, so come and watch the closing film on our programme, the beautifully touching Bellville Baby (Mia Engberg, 2013). Here’s a little bit about the plotline of this Swedish cinematic gem: a man from the past calls the filmmaker Mia Engberg and tells her he has spent many years in jail. She remembers the spring when they met in Paris, the riots, the Vespa, and the cat he gave her. She also remembers that one day he disappeared… A film about time, memories and things that got lost on the way.


In other news, last week’s Artist in Residece Giannalisa Digiacomo was chuffed for the amazing recognition her works got! She was very sad to leave our premises – she’s going back to Italy for a month to focus on her art but she promised us she’ll be back with lots of new ideas! We’re sure our ways will cross again and she might collaborate with artFix again in the future. Here’s our interview with her, if you want to know even more about her life and art:

This week’s Artist in Residence is the wonderfully talented Veronica Rowlands. She is a playful and exuberant London based Artist. Veronica’s unique style of drawing represents a form of escapism and spontaneity. She started to create collections of vintage dolls adorned in contemporary attire and random objects which had become indented on her subconscious, let free onto the paper. Spontaneity is the main ethos for her work. The immediacy gives it a sense of pure honesty. Come every day to the store to see how she works on a daily basis and where she draws her inspiration from! Fashion Twins- Limited Edition (of 50) signed, hand finished Giclee print on 330 gsm

On Tuesday 17th March, 7pm – £2 ART BATTLE! You know how it works, right? Our two artist have only half an hour to compete against each other and create their work of art on the spot through whatever artistic medium and style they wish. There will be just one winner and it’s up to you to decide who’ll be crowned! This week’s art battle is a little different than the past ones, as it’ll feature a musician – Louiza Lambrianide – and a poet and painter – Jonathan Graham. The theme of the battle will be ‘NIGHTLIFE’. Are you ready? We’re so looking forward to this one! You can get tickets at the door or online clicking here 10987338_593617477404686_38580840008435865_n

On Wednesday 18th March – 7pm artFIX INTRODUCES KABULA & CAPOEIRA In the course of our ‘artFix introduces’ events, artists and art lovers will have the chance to engage every week with various organisations that are part of London’s vibrant art scene. After a presentation of 15-20 minutes by our guest organisation and a slot for questions, the event will continue in our store’s coffee area. Here, you will have the great opportunity to socialise in a casual and friendly environment with the weekly representative of our respective cultural organisation, as well as with other artists and art lovers over some delicious drinks. Following the enormous success of last week’s Art Battle, we’re proud to introduce the great Hackney-based Capoeira group KABULA on Wednesday at our store. Pop by and find out about who they are and what they do. They’re a very dynamic Brazilian group that made of dance and – specifically – Capoeira their life goal. They’re very passionate about what they do and will surely put on a special performance to give you all a taste of what they’re capable of!


On Saturday 21st March we’re screening again the most successful films we showed during our Swedish Film Festival. Due to unprecedented success, some people were not able to attend some of the screenings, so we’ve scheduled some more! You can check out the programme here in more detail and get your tickets here.

Come at 2pm if you want to see the great Swedish drama ‘Hotell’ (2013, Lisa Langseth) – £3.50 with drink.

Come at 5pm if you want to watch the hilarious coming-of-age film ‘Behind Blue Skies’, set in the 70’s in the Stockholm archipelago –  £3,50 with drink. 9HKJVBoHbIda51KdsVPcUf2dusc

On Sunday 22nd March at 2pm – SURPRISE!
We’ll be showing a Swedish film we did not screen last week, so hurry up and get to our store to get a ticket because they’ll sell out quickly!

The film is the great ‘The Reunion’ (Anna Odell, 2013) 89 mins.
Anna Odell, a famous artist, doesn’t get an invitation to her class reunion. She then makes a film about what could have happened if she had gone to the reunion and confronted her former bullies. Later she shows the made-up filmed confrontation to her former classmates, and documents their reactions.

thereunion (1)
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