Inside artFix London

Here’s a long overdue post about us – artFix London. Here you’ll find the answers to the questions that don’t make you sleep at night. Regard this as the Oracle of artFix – the Delphi one is overrated – where nothing but the truth is told. So, let’s get this started! image (3) What is artFix?

artFix stems from the will of its two founders – George Neris and Zafeirenia Brokalaki – to make art accessible to everyone and an important part of their every day life. Their goal is to change the way art is perceived – about time the arts weren’t only confined to museums and galleries! The first artFix store opened in Athens, Greece, in 2010 and was an enormous success. It caters for people from all sorts of life who are in need of quick yet comprehensive fixes of all kinds of artistic content, wherever they are and whatever they are doing without losing anything from the original experience. From music gigs to live painting and film screenings, artFix has got everyone covered!

Following the great success of artFix Athens – here’s the webpage if you want to embark on a translation journey from Greek – the concept was exported to London in 2013 and from January 2015 it can benefit a cozy little art space in the heart of Soho, which is where you can currently find us – along with our office in Tottenham Court Road.

In the process of setting up our store, we realised that our vision needed to become more holistic and all-encompassing, if we were to have to impact we were aiming to. Therefore we decided that our overarching goal is to create a universal brand for the arts, so that every-day people who are not connoisseurs may still enjoy what the cultural world has to offer them, by trusting the artFix brand to choose for them what’s best to experience. Our mission is to make the art more affordable, fun and accessible.
In order to fulfil it, we have organised our activity according to three pillars:

1 – Our Soho store, where we host our diverse set of weekly events and we additionally give artists the great opportunity to rent our space out on specific week days to showcase their works and get public recognition. For more information on how to rent our venue, click here.

2 –Industry Services, as in workshops and talks to provide emerging artists with the tools they need to set up a thriving business in the arts.

3 – Our Smartphone App, through which artists can post their events for free and it allows audiences to review them in real time Our Soho art space can also rely on a super efficient coffee machine, so you can get plenty of caffeine from espressos to fancier caramel lattes. Our friendly staff members know how to please crowds!

In addition to that, we have recently started a partnership with YAMMM London – aka Amalinda Hope – who will be selling delicious home-made toasties, cakes and soups every day at the store to make sure no workers on their lunch break around Soho will starve! Now, let’s get you more familiar with the faces of artFix. Here’s a detailed list of all the precious members of our creative team:

George Neris – Founder

neris photo (1)

George was born in Athens, Greece. Upon completing his BA in Law in his hometown, he moved to London, where he furthered his studies at a Masters level at LSE and King’s College London. Currently, George is doing a PhD in Social Enterprise and the Sustainability of Cultural Organisations at UCL. His professional career started straight after graduating from his BA with the establishment of his law offices in Athens, however his strong interest for the arts led him to seek new ways to make his need for culture come to fruition on a daily basis. He therefore founded Sinthesis Media Company, which has now become one of the most prestigious art production companies in Greece. Sinthesis allowed for Vryssaki – artFix’s thriving Greek hub – to come to life, which George then exported to London. George is a real language enthusiast, he speaks over 5 languages, among which Russian, Chinese and Italian!

Zafeirenia Brokalaki – Founder

image1 (1)

Zafeirenia (B.A., B.Sc, M.A, M.A, PhD) works as an arts fundraiser and marketing consultant for various cultural organisations, artistic companies, social enterprises and charities in London and Athens, including London Opera Holland Park, Associated Studios, Emergency Exit Arts, Royal Ballet of Birmingham, Sinthesis Co, Draw HQ and many independent artists. She is also a TA at King’s College London, she acts as an Academic Mentor and Academic Assessor for various education programmes and is awarded for a range of research programmes with Creativeworks London, UCL and Victoria and Albert Museum. In the past, she was appointed as a lecturer at the University of Peloponnese, Department of Theatre Studies (area of expertise: cultural entrepreneurship, creative industries, fundraising and marketing for the cultural sector).

Olga Assanowicz – Project Manager


Olga comes from Warsaw, Poland and is our Project Manager. She has been involved in art management for the past 2 years, having worked in communication departments at Polish and French Cultural Institutes. In her free time Olga loves making traditional home-made pierogis, perusing art galleries on the hunt for abstract paintings and a good old glass of champagne! She is working closely with our marketing, video & design team and store management to ensure that you get the best experience at artFix every time you pop by.

Magdalena Poppy Moursy


Magdalena was born London and recently graduated from Leeds University with BA History of Art and is now our Store Manager. In her spare time she likes to attend exhibitions, eat good food and is also developing her own arts management business started at University. Since the opening of the store in December Magdalena has spent most days spreading the concept of ArtFix to every customer who comes in, forming and securing loyal customers and relationships with artists/organisations, coordinating and hosting events. She has also learnt how to make the best flat white using Black Sheep Coffee which is available in store.

Paddy Lavin – Project and Film Event Coordinator


Paddy helps out with the press for artFix, through things like writing press releases and updating the website. He’s also in charge of the film events in the store. So it wont surprise you to hear he studied Film at Warwick University! He graduated last year and this is now his first proper job, after trying his hand at different work experience placements in the arts. As a Northerner new to these parts, when he’s not working he spends a lot of his time exploring the city, checking out the museums and being a typical tourist. He also love cinema trips, modern literature and going to gigs and plays. Meanwhile, he is still attempting to curb his addiction to chocolate biscuits.

Camille Chaffanjon – Marketing and Communication Coordinator

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.55.00

Camille is 25 and comes from Paris, France. She graduated in 2013 from European Communication School in Paris with a specialisation in Corporate and Politics Communications. She has worked in different agencies and brand in France such as Publicis Worldwide and L’Oréal. She is really curious and loves discovering new culture, that’s why she chose to intern at artFix London.

Mercedes Fränzel – Store Coordinator


Mercedes comes from Vienna, Austria, where she studied Comparative Literature. After completing her oversea studies in Tokyo – and a trip or two to South Korea – she moved to London, where she’s been studying Cultural and Creative Industries at King’s College since September 2014. Mercedes is passionate Asian films, independent movies and loves transcribing everyone’s name in Japanese characters!

Beatrice Moncada – Fundraising Coordinator

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 12.49.47

Born in Ravenna (Italy), Beatrice is currently attending the second year of the Mastes of Science in Economics for Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment at the Bocconi University in Milan. At the age of 10 years old, despite her undeniable passion for chocolate, she decided to dedicate her life to art. Following her passion and becoming aware of the importance of an entrepreneurial acumen in the Arts sector, she moved from Ravenna to Milan in order to benefit from the academic and cultural offers of an international city. After some work experiences in the visual and performing art sectors, she landed in London a few months ago to support artFix. She’d have never thought that a childhood interest would’ve taken her so far away!n

Nilay Dursun – Project Manager Assistant


Nilay comes from Turkey and she is interested in everything about art – especially curating. She has studied Archaeology and History of Art also made a double major with Media and Visual Arts. Now she is doing her MA, Arts and Cultural Management, at King’s Collage London. As you can see, she is really into arts! Also she has an equally strong passion for music: she is a jazz singer who has recently founded a new jazz band here in London.

Silvio Barca – Social Media and Film Project Coordinator


Born in a small town at the far end of the Italian peninsula and raised in Milan, Silvio studied Interpreting and Translating in his hometown before moving to the UK and embarking on a Masters Degree in Cultural and Creative Industries at King’s College London. He also spent a year in Germany in between, getting inspired by Heidelberg’s Philosopher’s Walk and enjoying Berlin’s countless flea markets. His most prominent interests are film and queer studies, hence he has worked and volunteered for several LGBT arts and film festivals. He is also a lover of ooey gooey chocolate cakes – if he’s not online tweeting about the last exhibition he’s been to, he can be found experimenting in the kitchen.

Alba Haut -Photographer & Videographer


Alba Haut comes from beautiful Cádiz, Spain. She proudly holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication. After uni, she has worked as camera operator for ADSAT Telecommunications, and as production assistant for Seville European Film Festival. After filming several documentaries and short films, she turned to still photography and took a Master´s degree in Photojournalism in Barcelona. Since completing an internship as a press photographer for The Newspaper of Catalonia she has been working as a freelance photographer and videographer on a number of projects.

Ana Vela Llanas – Graphic Designer


Ana is a Spanish Graphic Designer who did a post-graduate degree in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Valladolid  and then decided to move to London, where she carried on her studies at Blake College. Ana is crazy about Graphic Design (duh!) and art.

Rita Batalha – Graphic Designer

image1 (2)

Rita is an enthusiastic Portuguese graphic designer. As a self driven photographer (and a good one!) as well, Rita enjoys every little bit of arts and culture London has to offer.

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