artFix Party, Contests and Independent Films!

Hey artFixers! Spring is here and so are loads of new plans for artFix. Things are evolving, we’re expanding more and more every day and we can’t wait to share all this with you!

So this week starts with a bang!
Starting tonight (30/03), we’re launching our brand new Monday Screening concept – every Monday night we’ll be showing country-specific independent short films, so as to make you familiar with all exciting film industries across Europe.

Given our fondness for Italy, tonight’s event will feature 5 Italian short films – all different genres and topics, to get you acquainted with as many directors and ways of making film as possible!Our first event is absolutely FREE and we’ll be serving drinks at the bar! Don’t miss out on this great chance to know more about contemporary Italian film.

10569096_597822976984136_5362211879566169602_nOn Tuesday (31/03) we are extremely happy to announce that we’ll be having our first artFix party! I’ll be a night of celebration of our activity, our spirit and our events. There will be an Art Battle and our founder – George Neris – will be giving a speech, pointing out all the exciting future plans of our great Soho space. Press and journalists will attend and we’ll reply to all of your queries.

The night will start with a reception – great food and delicious Spanish drinks will be served and then the performances will begin. Our best artists will come perform and show their works. It’ll be a great chance to network and experience artFix at its best!


On Thursday (02/03) we’re introducing the FIRST edition of our artQuix – our very own art quiz. Come to our space in Soho, get yourself a good old drink and engage in the best art quiz you could ever get! We don’t want to put pressure on you but we strongly advice getting out your old art history book from school and give it a good revision! The teachers are coming to test you, make sure you get a shiny A+!

Fun is on the menu – bring all of your friends, bring a good clique! We’ll be starting at 6.30 pm and it’s FREE, so another good excuse to make your way out to Soho!

art quizIn other news, we know you’ve been checking and loving our Artists in Residence in the past three weeks. Last week Fábio Fraga enchanted everyone with his drawings and unconventional style. If you want to know more about his art, watch our interview below shot by our multi-talented videographer Alba Haut:

photo (3)Now, time to introduce two additional things that we’re super excited about!

First of all, we’ve just started a contest for new emerging artists. Listen up, you great creative lot out there! Our contest will designate one special lucky artist who gets the chance to exhibit his work in our great art space in the heart of Soho.
Yep, you’ve heard right! Any artist can apply, provided they have some works ready to be exhibited and admired by our flocks of aficionados.
The deadline is on the 12th April so hurry up and send us your application!

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.08.08

Finally, following the success of yesterday’s pop-up music event, we’ll be having pop-up record and fashion market and live DJ set and hardware based performing acts on Sundays, 2-9 pm in our space. So, keep the party going, listening to some great tunes and surrounded by edgy fashion in the heart of Soho!

Jay, the founder of record label Flow To The Floor and loyal collaborator of artFix will be hosting the event.
Flow 2 The Floor Records is a group of friends aiming to release a wide selection of talented artists internationally, focusing on high quality music. All of our artists and members are specialists in their own field and proud to be a member of our organisation.

sunday flyer

Check out theirSoundCloud and here’s a little additional taste of what they do:

Have we enticed you? Stay tuned and you’ll find out more about these talented guys!

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