Spanish Shorts and Sunday Sessions

We hope your Easter break was lush and that you had a lot of nice food, chocolate and rest! Time for you to come back to artFix London, as we have many events lined up for you.

For starters, thanks to everyone who came to our Italian Short Night on Monday 30th March. It was a great success and you were all so enthusiastic. Keep it up, artFixers! That makes us even more excited to organise more amazing events.

Precisely because most of our regulars are film buffs, our April Monday Shorts are in full swing this week as well – we’ll all be travelling to Spain next Monday 13th April to have a look at some of their best contemporary independent shorts.
Unlike last time, the event is ticketed but the price is – as per usual – real cheap! £3.50 for the screenings and a drink of your choice and, listen up, we’re making Sangria this time. Our amazing Spanish team members are going crazy this week and decided to get into the kitchen and make the traditional fruity beverage along some delicious Spanish tapas. To enjoy all this goodness whilst watching some outstanding short film, all you have to do is secure your seat by clicking HERE.

Mi Amigo Jaime – Alejandro Beltran

In other news, Lewis Campbell‘s Residence has sadly come to an end but you’ve all been very supportive and have appreciated his art throughout the week, so here’s a special treat for you – our very own interview with him about his projects, made by our fantastic videographer Alba Haut.

Lewis Campbell - Art Work he donated to artFix London

If you guys remember – if you don’t shame on you! – last week we introduced our weekend music events led by Flow To The Floor. The first one we had on Sunday  5th April was awesome and many people came and stayed all afternoon round.

This week’s Artist in Residence will be Marta Corada, a Spanish artist from La Rioja. She mainly works with photography manipulation, whether it’s digitally, through a collage or manual drawing. She likes to describe her art as documentary. Here’s a sneak peak, we can’t wait to see what she’ll create over her residency.

Marta Corada - Shanghai Memories

Along our brand new Artist in Residence, we’re very happy to announce our new Artist of the Week, whose works will be hanging on our café walls for you to admire and purchase. His name is Andrew Stys and he’s been working on a set of collages thematically linked to Soho. They all look stunning and we can’t wait for you to have a look a them!

Andrew Stys

Also, following the success of our first Sunday Music Session in collaboration with Flow to the Floor, we’ll be having another session this coming Sunday 12th April. Come a dance along the amazing music vibes their artists will create!

We’re so excited about this week’s news, aren’t you too?

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