New Polish Extravaganza & Raw Art Battle and Capoeira Comebacks

Hello art buffs!

How’s your week going? We hope it’s not too tough because we have a lot of news ready for you!
The week at artFix London always starts with a bang and never – ever – fails to wow you.

This week is excitingly busy – it started on Monday (13th) with our Independent Spanish Short Films night. A lot of you came and loved it, you promised and crossed your hearts that you’ll be here for another session next week – we’ll be waiting for each and everyone of you (no, it’s not a threat!)
A big thanks to our Graphic Designer Ana Velas Llanas, who made the delicious tortillas and sangria. Delectable Spanish food!

PS. Next Monday 20th April we’ll be screening Independent Polish Short Films – get your tickets here and don’t miss it. It’ll be mind-blowing! Also, vodka shots and Polish beers will be sold at the bar – duh!


On Tuesday 14th April we’re having our Art Battle but fasten your seatbelts, artFixers, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!
We’ve changed our set up completely – this time around the Art Battle will be more engaging than ever. We’ve turned it into a multi-sensorial experience, you won’t believe it. This week’s theme is SPRING. We felt like we should’ve done something about the beautiful weather that has blessed London in the past few days so get your picnic blankets and come to artFix.
As usual, you’ll have 30 minutes to decide which of the two artists should win the battle but your decision this time will have to take into account different elements – we’ll be projecting videos on the wall and recreate a spring environment to help the artists channel the topic onto the canvasses.
You’ll see how amazing it is!

11037636_603947533038347_3698775883692916166_nOn Wednesday 15th April, time to get your dancing shoes on again: it’s Capoeira time!
Following the great success of the past events, we’ve decided to host another Capoeira night, performed by the ever so talented Kabula group.
They’ll combine visual arts with their live dancing performance in our space in Soho. They’ll create what they call a Capoeira ‘Roda’ with the aim of combining Brazilian tradition with live art.
The price is £2 as per usual. You can either buy at the door or – if you can wait – just click here and get it beforehand online.

11080651_600780430021724_2807132805187538547_oOn Tuesday 16th April – ALAS! – the RAW Art Battle is back.
What’s better than a weekly Art Battle? TWO weekly Art Battles! We’ll be collaborating with RAW – Natural Born Artists and the programme envisions a special edition of our Art Battles in the frame of RAW’s monthly event ‘Exposure’.
Artists James John Jolly and Samira Addo will be given a blank canvas, courtesy of CASS ART, and will have half an hour to create artworks on a given theme in whatever medium and style they wish.
The showcase will take place on 93 Feet East, Brick Lane – so be prepared to venture East and enjoy this unique experience.
Click here and get your tickets, you surely don’t want to miss out on this one!

11150154_604920722941028_5141697706675797660_nIn other news, make sure you pop to our store this week because we have a brand new Artist of the Week. His name is Andew Stys and he’s uber talented! He created a collection of art works specifically for artFix engaging with the Soho community. Below is a sneaky preview of his creations but you’ll have to come in person and check them out – they’re jaw-dropping!
16839311689_756a061ff3_oOn Saturday 18th April music is back with a bang to the artFix premises: it’s RECORD DAY in Soho with, among other things, a live music festival on Berwick Street, and we’re obviously taking part because we love good tunes and a good ol’ party!
It’s  be a very busy day packed with live events from photographers, painters, Dj’s, dancers.

9am-5pm we’ll have two artists painting whatever is happening around Soho on Record Day. Marta Corada, our Artist of the Week and Ed Firth, an animator and artist living in London makes and mixes live animated and video visuals, draws beards, and designs motion graphics. They will be creating, live, their own impression of the Record Day in Soho and displaying it on the artFix space.

Also, live Dj sets taking place presented by Flow 2 The Floor Records in various styles from funk, soul, afro beat to house on the decks Dj J Hart, Y-etizm and The New Neighbours. In the evening our regular Chop shop event starts where music enthusiasts can expect to experience live beat making session by Micall Parkinsun.  Handcrafted beats will be produced from random records on the spot by. This is an impro session not to be missed.

5pm to 9pm The Chop Shop free event will cater for like-minded music-lovers into records, samples and music production, and urges people to interact, network and celebrate good music together!

record stores day
Are you still thinking whether you should come or not? Don’t make us take off our earrings, get your beautiful self over here!

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