La Vie En Rose: French Short Films and Vernissage of Hackney Downs Studios

Bonjour, artFixers!

Hope your beginning was as good as ours. No bad Mondays at artFix London, as you know, we’re always up to some exciting tricks!

This week starts with our usual Short Films night. Tonight (20th April) at 7pm we’ll be showing a selection of contemporary independent Polish Shorts – they’re all freaking good, so you’d better get your tickets RIGHT NOW.
We’ll also be selling some delicious food made by the amazing guys from Pyrlandia, who have a Polish food stall at Soho Market. Along with delectable food, we’ll also be serving Polish beer and authentic vodka from Warsaw brought over to the UK by our Project Manager, Olga Assanowicz.

Next Monday (27th April) we’ll be showing French Films instead – the selection is pretty impressive as well, with one of them premiering at Cannes later this year (we’ve got our connections!), so stay tuned and don’t miss it! We’ll soon be selling tickets online for it too, so make sure you secure a seat for it.
French cheese and wine will dominate our countertop to get you in the proper mood for the night!

L’Accordeur - Olivier Treiner (2010, 13:36)
L’Accordeur – Olivier Treiner (2010, 13:36)

On Tuesday (21st April) our Art Battle strikes back! The theme this time around is SUMMER, so get your shades on, bring along your loyal bucket and spade and come watch two artists compete against each other. This week’s artists both wave from sunny Italy – Lucio Conti and Matteo Ceccotti.
We’ll channel a very summery vibe by putting on some old Italian summer tunes and by projecting sounds and videos that will inspire our painters.
You’ll decide who’s the winner at the end of the 30 minute time window they’ll have to create their art pieces.

11140101_606481329451634_2096561641529840841_nIn other news, our amazing Artist in Residence – Ed Firth – is sadly finishing his residency today. You’ve all been very appreciative of his works so we’re leaving you with his interview, filmed by our great videographer Alba Haut.

photo (4)

Next week’s Artist in Residence will be The Random Sketcher, who you certainly know because he was the runner-up at our last RAW Art Battle in Brick Lane last week. He’s a great artist! Check out this impressive time-lapse video:

On Friday (24th April) we are very excited to be opening the Hackney Downs exhibition “12 x 12”, a group exhibition reappropriating the 12 inch record sleeve as a canvas. The exhibition will be going until Sunday so pop by and have a look, it will be awesome!


While we are sad to have Andrew Stys leaving us, we are pleased to introduce Alessandro Messina as our new Artist of the Week. Alessandro has been passionate about Street Art since his early years. He studied at the School of Art in Sicily and finished his studies in Rome in the Academy of Art. He will be gracing our walls with a selection of his best street style art so come in sometime during the week and have a gander, it’s going to be great!


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