Did you miss us?

It’s been a while since we last posted and we realise we have virtually disappeared; some of you may have noticed a lack of online activity, whilst others may have noticed the refurbishment happening at the old artFix store on Peter Street in Soho. But fear not! We are not gone forever. Since the refurbishment started in November 2015, we have had some time away to reflect on what we want artFix to be and how to better our services for everyone.

In order to improve our social impact and usability, we came up with a few changes to really maximise artFix’s mission of making the arts more accessible, affordable and fun.

Here are some changes you will be noticing:

  • Instead of the three pillars of ‘Store’, ‘Industry’ and ‘App’ that previously made up artFix, we have changed these to four components. Now, we are focusing on ‘The Café’, ‘The Exhibition/Performance Space’, ‘HotDesking’, and ‘The Academy’. These four components are put in place to make artFix the go-to, one-stop place for all things arts and culture.
  • The biggest changes then are the introduction of ‘HotDesking’, which we hope will bring together creative industry professionals, and the rebranding of ‘Industry’ as ‘Academy’.
  • The Academy model will offer both professional development classes to artists, such as Legal and Accounting or Marketing and Social Media, and arts and crafts classes to the wider public. This is in order to bring everyone closer to the arts, no matter what their background.

We also have spent some time thinking about how we want artFix to grow and develop in the future. Our vision is to open six stores within the next three years throughout London. For this reason, we have been looking at social investment in order to begin this exciting journey. Social investment is perfect for artFix to grow, as our investors are not only concerned with the monetary return, but on the social impact that organisations make. We believe our restructuring will see this happen.

We haven’t just been re-drawing our business plan in our interim. artFix has been developing a series of charitable initiatives that we aim to have in place by next year, which focus on arts education and access to opportunities in the culture world. These programmes will integrate themselves into the Academy model, but focus on providing for those that need it most.

artFix has also been seeking out partnership opportunities for pop-ups, and we potentially have some exciting things coming to the Boroughs of Lewisham, Croydon and Southwark.

For now, we are starting small, but big things will come.



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