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Here’s a long overdue post about us – artFix London. Here you’ll find the answers to the questions that don’t make you sleep at night. Regard this as the Oracle of artFix – the Delphi one is overrated – where nothing but the truth is told. So, let’s get this started! image (3) What is artFix?

artFix stems from the will of its two founders – George Neris and Zafeirenia Brokalaki – to make art accessible to everyone and an important part of their every day life. Their goal is to change the way art is perceived – about time the arts weren’t only confined to museums and galleries! The first artFix store opened in Athens, Greece, in 2010 and was an enormous success. It caters for people from all sorts of life who are in need of quick yet comprehensive fixes of all kinds of artistic content, wherever they are and whatever they are doing without losing anything from the original experience. From music gigs to live painting and film screenings, artFix has got everyone covered!

Following the great success of artFix Athens – here’s the webpage if you want to embark on a translation journey from Greek – the concept was exported to London in 2013 and from January 2015 it can benefit a cozy little art space in the heart of Soho, which is where you can currently find us – along with our office in Tottenham Court Road.

In the process of setting up our store, we realised that our vision needed to become more holistic and all-encompassing, if we were to have to impact we were aiming to. Therefore we decided that our overarching goal is to create a universal brand for the arts, so that every-day people who are not connoisseurs may still enjoy what the cultural world has to offer them, by trusting the artFix brand to choose for them what’s best to experience. Our mission is to make the art more affordable, fun and accessible.
In order to fulfil it, we have organised our activity according to three pillars:

1 – Our Soho store, where we host our diverse set of weekly events and we additionally give artists the great opportunity to rent our space out on specific week days to showcase their works and get public recognition. For more information on how to rent our venue, click here.

2 –Industry Services, as in workshops and talks to provide emerging artists with the tools they need to set up a thriving business in the arts.

3 – Our Smartphone App, through which artists can post their events for free and it allows audiences to review them in real time Our Soho art space can also rely on a super efficient coffee machine, so you can get plenty of caffeine from espressos to fancier caramel lattes. Our friendly staff members know how to please crowds!

In addition to that, we have recently started a partnership with YAMMM London – aka Amalinda Hope – who will be selling delicious home-made toasties, cakes and soups every day at the store to make sure no workers on their lunch break around Soho will starve! Now, let’s get you more familiar with the faces of artFix. Here’s a detailed list of all the precious members of our creative team:

George Neris – Founder

neris photo (1)

George was born in Athens, Greece. Upon completing his BA in Law in his hometown, he moved to London, where he furthered his studies at a Masters level at LSE and King’s College London. Currently, George is doing a PhD in Social Enterprise and the Sustainability of Cultural Organisations at UCL. His professional career started straight after graduating from his BA with the establishment of his law offices in Athens, however his strong interest for the arts led him to seek new ways to make his need for culture come to fruition on a daily basis. He therefore founded Sinthesis Media Company, which has now become one of the most prestigious art production companies in Greece. Sinthesis allowed for Vryssaki – artFix’s thriving Greek hub – to come to life, which George then exported to London. George is a real language enthusiast, he speaks over 5 languages, among which Russian, Chinese and Italian!

Zafeirenia Brokalaki – Founder

image1 (1)

Zafeirenia (B.A., B.Sc, M.A, M.A, PhD) works as an arts fundraiser and marketing consultant for various cultural organisations, artistic companies, social enterprises and charities in London and Athens, including London Opera Holland Park, Associated Studios, Emergency Exit Arts, Royal Ballet of Birmingham, Sinthesis Co, Draw HQ and many independent artists. She is also a TA at King’s College London, she acts as an Academic Mentor and Academic Assessor for various education programmes and is awarded for a range of research programmes with Creativeworks London, UCL and Victoria and Albert Museum. In the past, she was appointed as a lecturer at the University of Peloponnese, Department of Theatre Studies (area of expertise: cultural entrepreneurship, creative industries, fundraising and marketing for the cultural sector).

Olga Assanowicz – Project Manager


Olga comes from Warsaw, Poland and is our Project Manager. She has been involved in art management for the past 2 years, having worked in communication departments at Polish and French Cultural Institutes. In her free time Olga loves making traditional home-made pierogis, perusing art galleries on the hunt for abstract paintings and a good old glass of champagne! She is working closely with our marketing, video & design team and store management to ensure that you get the best experience at artFix every time you pop by.

Magdalena Poppy Moursy


Magdalena was born London and recently graduated from Leeds University with BA History of Art and is now our Store Manager. In her spare time she likes to attend exhibitions, eat good food and is also developing her own arts management business started at University. Since the opening of the store in December Magdalena has spent most days spreading the concept of ArtFix to every customer who comes in, forming and securing loyal customers and relationships with artists/organisations, coordinating and hosting events. She has also learnt how to make the best flat white using Black Sheep Coffee which is available in store.

Paddy Lavin – Project and Film Event Coordinator


Paddy helps out with the press for artFix, through things like writing press releases and updating the website. He’s also in charge of the film events in the store. So it wont surprise you to hear he studied Film at Warwick University! He graduated last year and this is now his first proper job, after trying his hand at different work experience placements in the arts. As a Northerner new to these parts, when he’s not working he spends a lot of his time exploring the city, checking out the museums and being a typical tourist. He also love cinema trips, modern literature and going to gigs and plays. Meanwhile, he is still attempting to curb his addiction to chocolate biscuits.

Camille Chaffanjon – Marketing and Communication Coordinator

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.55.00

Camille is 25 and comes from Paris, France. She graduated in 2013 from European Communication School in Paris with a specialisation in Corporate and Politics Communications. She has worked in different agencies and brand in France such as Publicis Worldwide and L’Oréal. She is really curious and loves discovering new culture, that’s why she chose to intern at artFix London.

Mercedes Fränzel – Store Coordinator


Mercedes comes from Vienna, Austria, where she studied Comparative Literature. After completing her oversea studies in Tokyo – and a trip or two to South Korea – she moved to London, where she’s been studying Cultural and Creative Industries at King’s College since September 2014. Mercedes is passionate Asian films, independent movies and loves transcribing everyone’s name in Japanese characters!

Beatrice Moncada – Fundraising Coordinator

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 12.49.47

Born in Ravenna (Italy), Beatrice is currently attending the second year of the Mastes of Science in Economics for Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment at the Bocconi University in Milan. At the age of 10 years old, despite her undeniable passion for chocolate, she decided to dedicate her life to art. Following her passion and becoming aware of the importance of an entrepreneurial acumen in the Arts sector, she moved from Ravenna to Milan in order to benefit from the academic and cultural offers of an international city. After some work experiences in the visual and performing art sectors, she landed in London a few months ago to support artFix. She’d have never thought that a childhood interest would’ve taken her so far away!n

Nilay Dursun – Project Manager Assistant


Nilay comes from Turkey and she is interested in everything about art – especially curating. She has studied Archaeology and History of Art also made a double major with Media and Visual Arts. Now she is doing her MA, Arts and Cultural Management, at King’s Collage London. As you can see, she is really into arts! Also she has an equally strong passion for music: she is a jazz singer who has recently founded a new jazz band here in London.

Silvio Barca – Social Media and Film Project Coordinator


Born in a small town at the far end of the Italian peninsula and raised in Milan, Silvio studied Interpreting and Translating in his hometown before moving to the UK and embarking on a Masters Degree in Cultural and Creative Industries at King’s College London. He also spent a year in Germany in between, getting inspired by Heidelberg’s Philosopher’s Walk and enjoying Berlin’s countless flea markets. His most prominent interests are film and queer studies, hence he has worked and volunteered for several LGBT arts and film festivals. He is also a lover of ooey gooey chocolate cakes – if he’s not online tweeting about the last exhibition he’s been to, he can be found experimenting in the kitchen.

Alba Haut -Photographer & Videographer


Alba Haut comes from beautiful Cádiz, Spain. She proudly holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication. After uni, she has worked as camera operator for ADSAT Telecommunications, and as production assistant for Seville European Film Festival. After filming several documentaries and short films, she turned to still photography and took a Master´s degree in Photojournalism in Barcelona. Since completing an internship as a press photographer for The Newspaper of Catalonia she has been working as a freelance photographer and videographer on a number of projects.

Ana Vela Llanas – Graphic Designer


Ana is a Spanish Graphic Designer who did a post-graduate degree in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Valladolid  and then decided to move to London, where she carried on her studies at Blake College. Ana is crazy about Graphic Design (duh!) and art.

Rita Batalha – Graphic Designer

image1 (2)

Rita is an enthusiastic Portuguese graphic designer. As a self driven photographer (and a good one!) as well, Rita enjoys every little bit of arts and culture London has to offer.

Capoeira Encore: Get Groovy with artFix

Good Monday, artsy kids! artFix London is back with another spectacular array of events that will blow you away this week. First things first – we’re the realest (as Iggy Azalea taught us) – we’d like to thank each and everyone of you who took time to come to our Swedish Film Festival. It was a HUGE success, thanks to all of you! We got so much positive feedback and kind words. Stay tuned – we’ve got more screenings in store for you this week. image (2)

Monday 16th March, 6:30 pm – today’s the final day of our Swedish Film Festival, so come and watch the closing film on our programme, the beautifully touching Bellville Baby (Mia Engberg, 2013). Here’s a little bit about the plotline of this Swedish cinematic gem: a man from the past calls the filmmaker Mia Engberg and tells her he has spent many years in jail. She remembers the spring when they met in Paris, the riots, the Vespa, and the cat he gave her. She also remembers that one day he disappeared… A film about time, memories and things that got lost on the way.


In other news, last week’s Artist in Residece Giannalisa Digiacomo was chuffed for the amazing recognition her works got! She was very sad to leave our premises – she’s going back to Italy for a month to focus on her art but she promised us she’ll be back with lots of new ideas! We’re sure our ways will cross again and she might collaborate with artFix again in the future. Here’s our interview with her, if you want to know even more about her life and art:

This week’s Artist in Residence is the wonderfully talented Veronica Rowlands. She is a playful and exuberant London based Artist. Veronica’s unique style of drawing represents a form of escapism and spontaneity. She started to create collections of vintage dolls adorned in contemporary attire and random objects which had become indented on her subconscious, let free onto the paper. Spontaneity is the main ethos for her work. The immediacy gives it a sense of pure honesty. Come every day to the store to see how she works on a daily basis and where she draws her inspiration from! Fashion Twins- Limited Edition (of 50) signed, hand finished Giclee print on 330 gsm

On Tuesday 17th March, 7pm – £2 ART BATTLE! You know how it works, right? Our two artist have only half an hour to compete against each other and create their work of art on the spot through whatever artistic medium and style they wish. There will be just one winner and it’s up to you to decide who’ll be crowned! This week’s art battle is a little different than the past ones, as it’ll feature a musician – Louiza Lambrianide – and a poet and painter – Jonathan Graham. The theme of the battle will be ‘NIGHTLIFE’. Are you ready? We’re so looking forward to this one! You can get tickets at the door or online clicking here 10987338_593617477404686_38580840008435865_n

On Wednesday 18th March – 7pm artFIX INTRODUCES KABULA & CAPOEIRA In the course of our ‘artFix introduces’ events, artists and art lovers will have the chance to engage every week with various organisations that are part of London’s vibrant art scene. After a presentation of 15-20 minutes by our guest organisation and a slot for questions, the event will continue in our store’s coffee area. Here, you will have the great opportunity to socialise in a casual and friendly environment with the weekly representative of our respective cultural organisation, as well as with other artists and art lovers over some delicious drinks. Following the enormous success of last week’s Art Battle, we’re proud to introduce the great Hackney-based Capoeira group KABULA on Wednesday at our store. Pop by and find out about who they are and what they do. They’re a very dynamic Brazilian group that made of dance and – specifically – Capoeira their life goal. They’re very passionate about what they do and will surely put on a special performance to give you all a taste of what they’re capable of!


On Saturday 21st March we’re screening again the most successful films we showed during our Swedish Film Festival. Due to unprecedented success, some people were not able to attend some of the screenings, so we’ve scheduled some more! You can check out the programme here in more detail and get your tickets here.

Come at 2pm if you want to see the great Swedish drama ‘Hotell’ (2013, Lisa Langseth) – £3.50 with drink.

Come at 5pm if you want to watch the hilarious coming-of-age film ‘Behind Blue Skies’, set in the 70’s in the Stockholm archipelago –  £3,50 with drink. 9HKJVBoHbIda51KdsVPcUf2dusc

On Sunday 22nd March at 2pm – SURPRISE!
We’ll be showing a Swedish film we did not screen last week, so hurry up and get to our store to get a ticket because they’ll sell out quickly!

The film is the great ‘The Reunion’ (Anna Odell, 2013) 89 mins.
Anna Odell, a famous artist, doesn’t get an invitation to her class reunion. She then makes a film about what could have happened if she had gone to the reunion and confronted her former bullies. Later she shows the made-up filmed confrontation to her former classmates, and documents their reactions.

thereunion (1)
Need a central audition or photoshoot space? Get in touch!

Looking to exhibit your work? Find out how accessible our space is to use!

Brazilian Dance and Scandinavian Film – Best Combo for a Busy Artsy Week!

Rise and shine, Londoners! It’s a new week with a brand new artFix programme to attend!
Last week was super successful with the introduction of our new Artist in Residence concept. Giannalisa Digiacomo moved into our store on Friday and will be there till Thursday 12th March, so you’re still in time to come and see how she goes about the whole creative process and admire her painting technique. She might even take a portrait of you, if you’re lucky! She’s currently inspired by London roofs and plants growing in a foreign urban environment – so, make sure you see how this comes to life on a canvas.

image (2)
On Monday (9th March) at 6pm we’ll be showing a staple of German cinema – the much acclaimed drama-thriller ‘M’ by Fritz Lang. ‘M’ was the first sound film Lang directed and it was released only two years before Hitler came to power. It’s considered Lang’s masterpiece and vividly describes on screen the then disintegrating Weimar Republic. We strongly advise you to pop by after work, have a mellow drink at our arts space and enjoy this little gem for FREE!

On Tuesday (10th March) at 7pm we’re presenting our ever so thrilling Art Battle. This week will see the greatly talented dances from Kabula Capoeira Angola group perform, along with illustrator Lewis Campbell and photographer Rory Rae. It will be a battle like no other, so you’d better get your tickets here and we promise you’ll be wowed by their great talent! We really can’t think of a better way to spend your Tuesday night!


On Thursday (12th March) at 7pm our new regular event is taking place: the time for artFix introduces has come! After the great success of last week’s event with RAW London: Natural Born Artists, this week’s organisation is Cockpit Arts. Cockpit Arts is an award winning social enterprise and a UK goldmine of designer-makers. Since they first started in 1986, they have helped thousands of talented craftspeople to grow their businesses, many of whom have gone on to achieve national and international success. Here’s a presentation video of this dynamic creative industry that will be presenting at our store in Soho:


From Friday (13th March) to Monday (16th March) our Swedish Film Festival will be running. We are super excited to host this celebration of Scandinavian film culture in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Institute. The attending costs vary from £2 to £3.50 and include a drink! Book your tickets here just to make sure you can get a seat, as they are limited and will sell out quickly.
All of seven screenings will be of films made in the last five years, many of which have not received UK cinema releases, so make the most of this rare opportunity to see these films on the big screen!

On the opening day – Friday 13th March – we’ll screen a collection of contemporary shorts (2004 – 2013) at 1pm. The day will go on with two more screenings:

PALME (2012, Maud Nycander/Kristina Lyndstrom), 105 mins – 4pm
It is a film about Olof Palm – a man who changed history and created a better Sweden. It’s been nearly 30 since he was shot dead on the streets of Stockholm, this film celebrates his life and achievements.

TRESPASSING BERGMAN (2013, Jane Magnusson/Hynek Pallas), 107 mins – 7pm
In Trespassing Bergman, some of the world’s leading directors and actors talk about their relationship with – Ingmar Bergman – the demon director and his films. Features appearances from Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Wes Anderson and Claire Denis, among many others.
Followed by a post-screening discussion led by Dr. Claire Thomson, Senior Lecturer in Scandinavian Cinema at UCL.


On Saturday (14th March), we’ll be screening:

HOTELL (2013, Lisa Langseth), 97 mins – 2pm
Erika has it all: a good job, lots of friends and a steady relationship. Until the day it all falls apart. Suddenly this perfect life means nothing. She starts going to group therapy and meets other people with different kinds of traumas. One day a question is raised: “Why shouldn’t we be allowed to feel good?” They decide to head to a place of complete anonymity, a place where you can be whoever you want to be – they start checking into hotels. Starring Alicia Vikander, star of Testament of Youth and Ex Machina.

SHED NO TEARS (2013, Mans Marlind/Bjorn Stein), 109 mins – 5pm
In the town of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast, Pal dreams about making it with his music. But he has one major obstacle: himself. We follow Pal on an emotional journey through friendship and hardship, love and betrayal to ultimately find his calling.

Shed No Tears (2013, Mans Marlind/Bjorn Stein)

Sunday (15th March) we’ll be showing:

BEHIND BLUE SKIES (2010, Hannes Holm), 107 mins – 2pm
Martin escapes his alcoholic father for a summer job at the exclusive Royal Yacht Club in the idyllic archipelago of Stockholm in 1975. He meets true love for the first time and is being groomed by Gosta, a playboy in the centre of high society. Martin is inevitably drawn into one of the greatest scandals in Swedish crime history.

STOCKHOLM STORIES (2014, Karin Fahlen), 97 mins – 5pm
Stockholm Stories is a contemporary and humorous multi-plot drama about five people whose paths cross during a few rainy days in November. How much light do we need to see each other? And how much darkness to dare to meet? You need to unplug to connect.

Behind Blue Skies
Behind Blue Skies (2010, Hannes Holm)

Finally on Monday (16th March) we’ll be presenting the screening of BELLEVILLE BABY (2013, Mia Engberg), 75 mins – 6:30pm
A man from the past calls the filmmaker Mia Engberg and tells her he has spent many years in jail. She remembers the spring when they met in Paris, the riots, the Vespa, and the cat he gave her. She also remembers that one day he disappeared… A film about time, memories and things that got lost on the way.

Bellville Baby (2013, Mia Engberg)
Bellville Baby (2013, Mia Engberg)

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This Week: Turning Our Pretty Little Store Into a Art Temple

Another week, another amazing line-up of events at our sweet art space in Soho!

Woah, last week was such a success! Thanks to everyone who made it to our Tuesday Art Battle and to the mind-blowing 5th edition of Hysteria. Great vibes, great art and performances and – most importantly – great audience! We hope you liked it as much as we did – and you can bet we had a lot of fun!

On this week’s programme:

Tonight (2nd March) will see our regular Monday Screening. We’ll be projecting Stanley Donen’s 1963 ‘Charade’, starring the stunningly classy Audrey Hepburn and the ever so charming Carey Grant. Come join us at 7pm and dream about the perfect love story set in the city of love par excellence – Paris.

On Tuesday (3rd March) – as per usual – we’re hosting our successful Art Battle. This week’s contestants are the Brighton-based photographer, painter and dancer Amanda Cannon and Malvina Nicolau – King’s College London student, who waves from sunny Greece! They’re both incredibly talented artists, so the competition will be tight. We’re are looking forward to the artsy tricks they’ll pull to win the battle!

Amanda Cannon
Amanda Cannon

On Thursday (5th March) we’re very excited to host the first edition of ‘artFix Introduces’ – a weekly event where we’ll be introducing our audience to a London-based art company. They’ll get a chance to explain who they are and what they do and you’ll get to know them over a good drink and some delicious snacks provided by us. This week’s guest star is ‘RAW London: Natural Born Artists’, an awesome international art organisation working within all sort of disciplines – from performative to visual arts. We can’t wait to meet them, can you?

In addition to the launch of ‘artFix Introduces’, this week also sees the beginning of a weekly collaboration between our art space and an artist – our ‘Artist in Residence’. Our artist in residence this week is Giannalisa Digiacomo, who you’ve already met a couple of weeks ago on one of our Tuesday art battles. Giannalisa, a very talented Italian painter, will come to the art space every day for a week, starting from Friday (6th March), and she’ll use it as her own studio. She’ll paint new works and exhibit existing ones. If you love art or are simply curious about what an artist’s routine is normally like, you should come and meet Giannalisa and see her creations come to life by her skilful brush strokes.


Also – in full artFix tradition – we have a fantastic new artist of the week! Her name is Corina Traistaru and she’s a wonderfully talented Romanian photographer. Come to the store and check out her great photos, you’ll want to buy all of them as soon as you see them!

artfix (2 of 1)
Corina Traistaru

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Delicious Treats and Inspiring Art Events – A Sneaky Preview of this Week’s Programme

Monday is always the hardest day of the week. Out of bed and back to work! Don’t worry though, artFix is there to provide you with some enticing post-work artistic relief! Our programme this week is varied and intriguing (as per usual!).
On Monday at 6pm come join us for a screening of George A. Romero’s 1968 apocalyptic zombie masterpiece – ‘Night of the Living Dead’. Entrance is £3,5 and you’ll get a free drink!


You all know what our Tuesday (7-9pm) appointment is – you’re right, our enchanting Art Battle. This week’s competition will be particularly fierce; it will see painter Fabio Fraga compete against illustrator Veronica Rowlands head to head! Also, we are delighted to announce that for the first time our battle will benefit from a tremendously exciting live music session by Clementine & Kyle. Book your tickets here straight away!

Space Doll (White) - Vanessa Rowlands
Space Doll (White) – Vanessa Rowlands

On Thursday we are very proud to present the fifth edition of HYSTERIA with a line-up of fantastic performances, featuring artists such as Rubyyy Jones, Amy Rosa, the Cunt Club and many, many more. We are extremely pleased to host a feminist art night and cannot wait to witness their incredible energy. Click here to get all the updates about the event details!

We are also very happy to announce our newly initiated partnership with YAMMM, London. YAMMM was founded by Amalinda, a foodie who decided to drop her law job to devote her time to her real love: cooking!
Along her brother Declam, she will be serving irresistibly delicious gourmet toasties and wholesome home-made soups every day at our store in Soho (8-8 on week days, 11-8 on weekends).


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This week is all about music, and politics, and painting and some other things!

This week is full of events across all kinds of artistic disciplines. Tomorrow for instance, artFix will welcome a Channel 4 Economics editor Paul Mason and a journalist and director Theopi Skarlatos. They will introduce and screen the film – Greece: The End of Austerity? – over some food and drinks. They will also tell you all about their plans for the second part of the film. Hence, the money raised on the night will go towards completing a feature-length documentary, so the story of this unique radical left government in Europe will continue being told. Book your tickets here.


Paul Mason – Channel 4 Economics Editor

On Thursday (February 19th; 6-9PM) artFix is happy to present an exhibition by Constantine AnjulatosIntentional Deletions. Constantine depicts his own perspective of the world around him that refers to memories, experiences and stories, mainly derived from urban life.


If the previous couple of weekends celebrated film, this week is more about music. On Friday join us for an evening of great soulful and inspiring music from a variety of genres. For this, our inaugural event, we will play host to a range of music styles including Soul, Hip-Hop, House and RnB. Performers this week include CofeeDa SweetnezzMaxine Booth and Mr. Teknon (As well as, OPEN MIC performances). Come down to the store for music vibes throughout the evening. Doors open at 6.30PM. Book your tickets here, and don’t forget to claim a free drink.


On Saturday, artFix will host a teaser Chop Shop networking event for the music industry professionals, producers and DJs. Needless to say, this event aims to be a significant occasion for the music industry; the best place to exchange business cards and discover new talent. The following artists will guarantee the vibe for the night: Yetizm (MPC Live Set), Miles Parallax, Mr Flex, Bobby Solo.


Influenced by the music vibes the next week’s art battle is decided to be between musicians. Start the evening with a glass of wine, listen to the live acoustic session by Clementine & Kyle and experience the excitement of watching two artists perform live art in a head to head battle! Don’t be afraid to bring your instrument and join in! And of course do not forget to attend today’s battle. The two battlers, Arwyn Pennington Bailey and Giannalisa Digiacomo, and the muse, Maggie are ready!


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On last week’s success and upcoming events

So many things have happened recently that it’s hard to decide where to start! Last Thursday, for example, saw artFix take a trip across London to Brick Lane, where we were part of RAW PRESENT organised by RAW London. We were thrilled to launch our new project, Art Battles supported by Cass Art, to a full house of art professionals and enthusiasts.


Two RAW artists, Stephanie and Embelina, had half an hour to create art pieces live in front of an audience, according to a given theme. Being inspired by the romantic theme of the ‘sublime’ with the requirement of using the colour red, the two artists were instantly at work realising their unique artworks. A crowd gathered round and watched rapturously as they got an exciting chance to see two artists create distinct masterpieces before their eyes, whilst a DJ kept the atmosphere pumping with some music.


A huge thank you once again to everyone for joining us and making the event so awesome! Come and see the results of the battle in our store!


Also please don’t forget to join us this Thursday, 12th February at 6pm, for a special interdisciplinary edition of the art battle in our store in the heart of Soho, at 27 Peter Street W1F 0AJ! Two artists – a photographer and a painter will have half an hour to create their pieces.This time the artists’ source of inspiration will be our team-member Maggie Poppy Moursy (pictured below!). She will become the muse of the two artists for half an hour! The final versions will be projected on the screen for you to be a critic and decide who the winner will be! BTW this is a weekly thing from now on and will happen every Thursday.


The Danish film festival was such a huge success! artFix has received so much positive feedback, not to mention press coverage (Londonist featured the festival at artFix as one of the top things to do in London over the last weekend!). Hence, we have splendid news for those who wanted more of Danish films or those who didn’t have a chance to join us last week. To satisfy the numerous requests we have managed to extend the dates of the festival. So this weekend you can immerse into the Danish cinematography once gain (from February 13 to February 15)! Browse the films and book your FREE tickets here.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 18.01.03

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 17.59.17

As of other this week’s events! A screening of a documentary and a Q&A session with the filmmakers will take place at artFix on Wednesday (February 18th, which is today btw). The battle between Greece’s radical left government Syriza and the global financial system is captivating the world. The drama could end quickly – if Greek banks collapse; it could end in a massive u-turn by Europe, or social chaos. Come and discuss the situation over food and drink with the makers of the short documentary Greece: The End of Austerity, which follows Syriza’s activists, candidates and leadership from the waterfront, to remote mountain villages, to the nail biting final days. Any money raised on the night will go straight to helping the team complete a feature-length documentary so they can continue to tell the story of this unique radical left government in Europe.

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 19.29.27

Remember that everyday something new and exciting is happening at artFix, so check our social media and the website to be up-to-date. Stay tuned!

The Danish Week!

In collaboration with the Danish Film Institute and the Danish Cultural Institute artFix is happy to hold its first ever film festival! Celebrating the diverse range of contemporary Danish cinematography, the artFix store will host screenings from Thursday (February 5th) to Sunday (February 8th). What’s more, on Friday evening the screening of Lars von Trier’s Europa will be followed by a discussion led by a specialist in Scandinavian Film. Intrigued? You better be!


Dr. Claire Thomson a Senior Lecturer in Scandinavian Film at UCL who specialises in Danish cinema (especially documentaries, Dogme 95 films and the work of Carl Theodor Dreyer, and has published the book ‘Thomas Vinterberg’s Festen’) will host a discussion on the films of Lars von Trier in the wider context of Danish cinema. Because sometimes one needs to discuss a von Trier film with someone else…


Following the Danish vibe the artFix store is also hosting Benedikte Utzon’s fashion POP UP (between February 7th – 8th)! A Danish Brand with a lineage of Scandinavian simplicity and elegance in design will be presenting a first look at the sample collection of EST. 1995.

est logo

We would like to point out that non-Danish events will also take place this week! For instance, there will be a performance (8th February) for children based on a Greek fairy-tale. Our mission to make the arts more accessible, fun and affordable is not exclusive to adults! artFix exists to equally satisfy the needs of the youngest art lovers!

Aeroplio (theatre)

No to forget to mention, last night we were thrilled to launch our new project, Art Battles supported by Cass Art, for a full house of art professionals and enthusiasts. Two RAW artists, Stephanie and Embelina, were provided with two blank canvases, courtesy of Cass Art, on which they could create works in whatever media and style they wish. Despite the exciting idea of the “battle”, the great results reached by both artists during the competition showed effectively the subjective nature of art and how people can always develop an emotional engagement with a creative work. Huge thank you for all joining and making the event so unforgettable! Special thanks for our Live artists, Cass Art and RAW London!


We will talk soon! At the meantime please check our social media and the website for more information on the upcoming events!

Lots of stuff!

Events curated by artFix

 Just two weeks ago we announced our weekly programme and already we have managed to hold so many inspiring events, as well as to plan a few pretty big ones for the future. The first artFix Art Battle supported by Cass Art and RAW will take place on 3rd February (between 7pm-11pm) at 93 FEET EAST, 150 BRICK LANE, LONDON, E1 6QL. Two RAW artists will be provided with two blank canvases, courtesy of Cass Art, and have half an hour to perform some live art in front of an audience using whatever media and style they wish. As a prize, the winners will be exhibited at the artFix store FREE OF CHARGE, of course. For tickets and more info please click here.

In addition to that, in collaboration with the Danish Cultural Institute we are hosting a Danish Film Festival (February 5th-7th). Nine contemporary Danish films by different directors and of various genres will be screened at the store. The screenings will be followed by a discussion on Dogma cinema and all students can enjoy 10% of our food and beverages.

Danish Film Institute

Events by artFix partners

 As of the events provided by our partners. On January 29th and 30th Beatrix Joyce revives Ulysses in TODAY IS THE DAY – a contemporary format through the fusion of different media: performance, film and installation art. One performer, Ian McCarthy, maps his journey through an immersive space as it shifts and changes depending on the choices of the audience. This magnificent performance is followed by Andrew Ludington’s photography exhibition – Tell Me What You See on January 31st and February 1st, which intends to bring our attention to small details of our surroundings. For those interested in enhancing their photography skills Alba Haut will run a session of photography workshops (on February 7th, 14th and 21st). Alba Haut is an incredibly talented photographer who shots at all artFix events including the last week’s Lui’s fashion pop up, when the store was filled with live music, champagne, models and fashion!


Fund addition – the Cup Art Competition

One more thing! We added a new fun addition to the store, which is the Cup Art Competition! Since everyone loves to doodle on paper cups, we thought why not get rewarded for doodling or have your work of art professionally printed on our cups! At the end of each month, we will be holding an exhibition of all the empty cups with doodles. The winner will win a £10 prepaid card for use at the store. On the other hand, dear artists, now you may have a work of art professionally printed on our cups, for promo. Brand our cups with your art and reach greater audience! (Actually two more things!)


Exhibition and Studio Space for Hire

Also do not forget that you can become a part of artFix! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to hire exhibition, sale, event or/and studio space at the store in the heart of London Soho. Showcasing you work has never been so easy! Get in touch and the artFix team will make your work displayed and seen by hundreds of visitors.


Talk Soon!

What’s new?

Well… a lot is new actually! Numerous events are scheduled at the artFix store. First of all, there are weekly events curated by the artFix team such as the screenings, socials and competitions that you can see below. By the way, next Monday’s screening is Buster Keaton’s silent action-adventure-comedy – The General (1926). Appreciate the consistency of Keaton’s facial expression. It is not a coincidence that his nickname is ‘The Great Stone Face’.


A contemporary London-based womenswear brand – Lui’s is holding a Pop Up Shop on January 23rd – 24th. Beatrix Joyce revives Ulysses in a contemporary format thorough the fusion of different media on January 29th – 30th. Andrew Ludington – a London-based photography is hosting an exhibition Tell Me What You See on January 31st – February 1st.

We are also very excited about our collaboration with RAW:natural born artists, an international independent arts organization that hand-selects and spotlights independent creatives in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair & makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art. Join us on February 3rd (7pm-11pm) at their one-night-only Showcase Festival “PRESENT” that offers audiences an evening of breath-taking performances, live music, a visual art and photography pop-up gallery, extra-ordinary fashion shows, hair and makeup artistry, as well as a design gallery.

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Improvements are being made everyday. Fancy a read? We added a wee artsy library to the store, so you can browse for new artistic ideas while enjoying your daily intake of coffee and carbs. Also a magical mural is being painted on a wall in the corridor, by incredibly talented Katerina Chou!

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Besides all that, an actual art studio in the attic is under construction… But more about this later!

Stay Tuned!