So today I walked into the office and it was a full house! And it was just as well because today was another one of those big meeting days. It was George, Jilke, Sophie, Longlong, Rashmi and Mario’s turn to perch around the a3 flipchart armed with ideas about the monetary aspect of the project but also to properly introduce Rashmi and Mario to the different stages of the artFix project, as the newest members of the team.

Across the 3-hours they discussed ideas about costs and revenues, as well as additional plans for funding towards the pop-up store, which is now due to open in June.

Otherwise, sunny Soho Square saw myself, Jilke and Sophie through our break, again, and reminded us that summer is on its way when we might even be able to take the office outside.

'Story Space' by Adrian Scicluna
‘Story Space’ by Adrian Scicluna


Ahoy there! Hope all my readers are having a pleasant evening.

Today in the office everyone was busy working on the internal deadlines we had made during discussion last week. In addition to the complex process of recruiting excellent visual and performance artists, other areas which the team are working on includ Marketing and Technology. The latter is particularly important when it comes to the way that art will be translated to the audience (all of you guys). So of course we want to make sure it is the best, in the sense that it provides you with the most interactive and immersive experience. If our aim is to bring the arts to the high street then this is a massive part of meeting this aim, I’m sure you will agree.

As well as this, Jilke and Sophie have been artistically sketching more possible designs for the store in May. Much of these designs have issued from their inspired trips across London. Last week both of them spent their field day exploring the eastern arts scene. As well as attending a number of commercial galleries they took time out to go to some quirky smaller café galleries. Needless to say, they came back brimming with ideas about how to make the artFix store a fresh and inviting sight for casual shoppers and art lovers across the city.

So make sure you stay tuned for more information about design developments – maybe I’ll even allow you a sneak peek into some of their work.


So today was a quiet day at the office. In addition to working on our individual tasks in preparation for the April store, we were flicking through arts pages on the Internet, on the hunt for a great way to spend an afternoon. It’s newly become a part of the artFix tradition that the team spends a day each week dedicated to exploring and experiencing events happening in London. It’s a great way for us to become more familiar with the city and what it has to offer but also take time out to immerse ourselves into the work of other individuals and organisations. So far, as you know, we have been to the Superbolt Theatre and art14, to name a few, and we’d love any suggestions of great events that you have been to in the past or know about happening in the near future. London is such a huge place with so much happening that it would be brilliant to have you guys there to show us around a bit! Have a great evening.


So this afternoon we conducted the second half of the meeting. Topics featured included design and technology, two hugely important categories which need to be thoroughly explored ahead of the April store . (I’m sure you will agree.) Zafeirenia replaced Ioanna to contribute towards the discussion and I can tell you that we definitely had a fair few exciting ideas bouncing around!

Too many options to choose from in fact – but I guess that is what happens when you are working in such a creative team. I’m sure that in the next couple of weeks we will be able to sift and sift again to finalise the cream of the crop and select those ideas that we know you will love!


Spring is finally here everyone! And what better way to welcome the pleasant breeze than by opening the windows and taking a deep breath in. Yes the skies were cloudy but our minds were crystal clear, which is just as well, because today was a big day for the team to discuss the development of our project.

Myself (left), Jilke, Ionna and Sophie in discussion
Myself (left), Jilke, Ionna and Sophie in discussion

We have learned a lot from the ‘artFix Experience’ event and are making sure to implement all the changes necessary to provide you with an improved experience of art in the April pop-up store. So it’s all about affordability, accessibility and quality, the latter of which will even extend to the coffee we serve (of course). 4 hours later, George myself, Jilke, Ioanna and Sophie emerged from the meeting room wondering where the sunlight had gone but happy that we have definitely made several strides forward in the right direction. Hopefully you will also follow in our footsteps to meet us in April!


So today in the office we have been carrying on working hard, developing our press lists and contacting various organisations. Discussion also continued from yesterday with regards to new ideas that we could implement in the pop-up store, opening soon. The once orange walls are slowly being take over by sheets of white a3 and the desks are getting more colourful as mind maps are taped up with blue, red and green gel branches. So we’re moving along nicely.

Jilke (left) and Sophie (right) at work
Jilke (left) and Sophie (right) at work

But just as the office is getting more full it is balanced by things in short supply. As well as the supply of coffee, printer paper also ran out just at the time when we were in the middle of printing a few pages – another thing to add to the ‘to buy’ list. But that’s what’s great about working on Oxford Street – all our needs are met on the doorstep of the office which is great because this allows us to get on with our work to meet yours.


So today the office has been busy as the team have been busy working on their responsibilities to the April store. This currently involves liaising with a variety of organisations and writing a lot of e-mails. So fingertips have been pattering at the keyboards like light rain pretty much all day.

This morning we welcomed the bright sunshine with a team meeting – our first one since the event on Friday. So this was a great opportunity to throw around a few ideas with things that we could add to the mix and improve to make the overall experience better. The Starbucks break in between was a brilliant interval and really boosted our energy to match that of the lovely weather. Look forward to some great caffeine-enriched additions to our next store!

Have a lovely evening.


As a present to themselves for working so hard on Friday Jilke and Sophie went to Art14, a contemporary art fair in Olympia, London. They definitely got their weekend fix of art here as the event was packed to the brim with a variety of inspirational contemporary pieces – just what they needed to recharge their batteries before the week began.

image (16)
Work exhibited at Art14
Work exhibited at Art14
Work exhibited at Art14

And what a week it is. Preparations for the April store are well on their way and the office is busy endeavouring to divert the course of pesky April showers and deliver sunshine to all – yay. As well as updating our press lists and our coffee supplies we are working hard towards the launch of our first pop-up – make sure you take part in our journey!


Good evening lovely people,

Hope you are all well and enjoyed the weekend. And what a fantastic start to the weekend it was with the launch of our first event on Friday!

Thank you to all our talented visual and performance artists for taking part to showcase their work and for being patient when a few things did go wrong – we did say there would be a bit of trial and error!

Chocolate cupcakes!
Chocolate cupcakes!

It was great to meet you all in person and a lot of you also stayed behind for a while afterwards to talk to us more about what we are doing and to tell us more about yourselves. It was lovely to hear your positive comments about the evening and hopefully now that you have become acquainted with artFix, you understand a bit more about our aims and objectives. More than just that we provide brilliant wine-and-cupcake-filled evenings!

Luxurioux Snacks performing
Luxurioux Snacks performing

So now that you have experienced a small taster of what we’re offering we hope that you are looking forward to April showers of everything art as our pop-up store opens in little over a month. Not long to go now but there’s still time to hop on to the artFix express.

Make sure that you support us via our social media channels and by following this blog, which will provide you with the latest artFix updates, including information about when we’re opening our doors to welcome artists to join in our April store.

Watch this space!


Event day has arrived!! Here are the final list of artists who are showcasing their work today:

Robert West – Rather than create interesting patterns, West removes the image from the painting leaving an abstruse landscape of what there once was. Reverting us, the modern human species, back to a more natural, solitary existence, these paintings attempt to readdress our cultural understandings. This sense of unrest and the loss of identity are ripe throughout West’s practice. This heterogeneous way of erasing representation has driven West into becoming an artist who is no longer interested in just the process of painting but the potential of what a painting can become. www.robert-west.com

Work by Robert West
Work by Robert West

Robert Grosso –  Every single piece is inspired by a particular song, that gives then the name to the artwork. My ultimate goal is to transform the music Robert listens to everyday into visual artworks, he wants you to “hear” with my “eyes”. The first award has been given by International artist Kanye West, as he has  been featured on his personal website as artist of the month. I’ve been experimenting with several materials (metal, perspex, paper) since he started 3 years ago and lately he has partnered up with Aurasma to use their online app to enhance his art exhibitions around the world by bringing Augmented Reality in his work. robertogrosso.com

'Lotus Flower' by Robert Grosso
‘Lotus Flower’ by Robert Grosso

Samantha Payne – Samantha Payne is a Fine Artist from North London who focuses on the aesthetic of her work and its engagement with the viewer, rather than concept. The pure pleasure of creating is the driving force behind her painting, along with the belief that Art need not be complicated. Samantha has always had a strong opinion of this notion, having carried it through her work while studying Fine Art at Loughborough University. samanthapaynepainting.com


Sergio Gomez – Sergio Gomez is a Chicago based visual artist. He was born in Mexico where he lived until he moved to Chicago in 1988. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Northern Illinois University. Sergio has participated in numerous exhibitions in Italy, Vienna, Spain, Sweden, Mexico and the US. His work can be found in private and public collections of the National Museum of Mexican Art, Brauer Art Museum, and the MIIT Museo Internazionale Italia Arte among others. The human form is the most important element in Sergio’s work and it exists as an anonymous representation of the self. The figure dominates the work and it is depicted as a shadow, aura, ghost or energy light. Sergio is interested in the human and spiritual experience throughout the cycles of life. www.33contemporary.com

Work by Sergio Gomez
Work by Sergio Gomez

Susana Lopez Fernandez – Susana focuses mainly on photography and mixed media, where the subjects of her work are taken from and inspired by her personal experiences in daily life. She seeks to reveal this with a distance which reflects an objective and striking honesty. A constant feature in her work is the use of social network to diffuse her projects. Her work has been exhibited in galleries, town halls, cultural associations, and collective and individual exhibitions in Spain, Hong Kong and London. For her solo exhibition SinPrisas, she reflects on consumer society where any thought fits in 140 characters (thus part of the project has been developed on Twitter) it is a society that forgets, it is a society in a hurry, diluted by the conviction that perpetual motion is the only thing that keeps us away from death. Website: http://www.susanalf.es

Work by Susana Lopez Fernandez
Work by Susana Lopez Fernandez

 Tanja Moderscheim – In admiration of the 17th C. Dutch Golden Age painters and through her passion for detail and anatomy, Tanja enjoys painting in the Dutch Old Masters’ style using traditional techniques and materials. As a Dutch national abroad, this also allows her to stay in touch with her home. She is known for her still lifes of food and tableware, crafted over time resulting in paintings with a timeless feel. She also produces paintings and drawings of wildlife, botanicals, landscape and the figure. www.dutchoils.com

'Lobster' by Tanja Moderscheim
‘Lobster’ by Tanja Moderscheim

 Tony Raymonzrek – Fusing his artistic, manual skills and exciting experimental techniques drawn from his childhood, Tony has developed a personal language. The result is a mixed technique, applied to his work, bringing together the worlds of art, photography and fashion. His arts are a complement to modern interiors, colours and dimensions. www.trzgallery.com

Sunflower Solvent paint & mixed media on wood
Work by Tony Raymonzrek

 Viviana Masullohttp://www.artbyvivianamasullo.com

Work by Viviana Masullo
Work by Viviana Masullo

 Youngju Oh – Youngju Oh is a visual designer and media artist. She completed a BFA in Communication Design at Hongik University, and she is currently studying in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art. She currently took part in the group show “When Nothing is Sure Everything is Possible” at Hanmi Gallery, London.” This work is a video showing visualized sounds and movements of airplane. Geometrical moving graphic, flashing lights and sound effects are visually beautiful and intriguing to audiences. www.youngjuo.com