So today I walked into the office and it was a full house! And it was just as well because today was another one of those big meeting days. It was George, Jilke, Sophie, Longlong, Rashmi and Mario’s turn to perch around the a3 flipchart armed with ideas about the monetary aspect of the project but also to properly introduce Rashmi and Mario to the different stages of the artFix project, as the newest members of the team.

Across the 3-hours they discussed ideas about costs and revenues, as well as additional plans for funding towards the pop-up store, which is now due to open in June.

Otherwise, sunny Soho Square saw myself, Jilke and Sophie through our break, again, and reminded us that summer is on its way when we might even be able to take the office outside.

'Story Space' by Adrian Scicluna
‘Story Space’ by Adrian Scicluna


So today the office was packed with the team, all busy working away at their laptops and discussing keys issues which branched from previous meetings but also continued on to explore new topics. Discussion centred on the space for the April store itself and our collective visions for how we want it to appear. We’re all really excited to move forward and on to the next stage!

Skadi and George discuss
Skadi and George discuss

Later into the afternoon we welcomed Skadi, a friend of artFix, to the office. She also contributed her ideas toward the vision of artFix, although from a slightly different angle. Meeting with George, they spent a while exploring ways in which the ‘artFix experience’ could be extended to reach those who do not have such easy access to the high street, for example the elderly or disabled. This is important for us because artFix is a concept which has been developed with all sectors of the public in mind. We want to ensure that the arts are available to absolutely everyone so that everyone can benefit from the experience of engaging with its different forms.

Lunching in Soho Square
Lunching in Soho Square

I think it was only fair that after all that hard work we got a chance to absorb the beautiful British weather – wasn’t it such a softly sunny day? So myself, Jilke and Sophie took a stroll down to Soho Square where we joined similar trios of office workers out on their break, watched a little kid chasing away the pigeons and spent a pleasant hour in conversation.


So today your blogger has been taken ill and did not go into the office. As a result this entry will generally be a short translation of what I have heard on the ‘office vine.’

George’s meeting with Michelle Wright from Cause4 was really successful. As well as finding artFix a really interesting project, she said that she is willing to help us fulfil our objectives, which is great news. We expect to hear more news from her soon.

The rest of the team have also been busy continuing discussion with artists and with each other. The design of the space being used to host the ‘artFix Experience’ is coming together which is good news especially as more artists are signing up to take part. Remember to get your applications in! Read more on the ‘Calling All Artists!’ tab above – Monday is the deadline!


With only a few members of the team in the office, today was a relatively quiet day, although that did not stop us from continuing our aim to send new rhythms through the art world.

This week has been a good one to engage the interests of new artists and investors at a variety of events. Not only have they been interested in what artFix is currently doing but also our plans for the future which is great! The mock pop-up store in February is an event which is capturing particular interest.

As a result, we have come up with a plan to send out a monthly newsletter to all our lovely subscribers. So if you are reading this blog and thinking, I am really interested to get to know more about what these guys are doing, then please add your name to the list via our website or contact me via the address below. The newsletter will be a fantastic way to keep up to date with our current and future plans but also the latest news about artFix’s position in the art and business world – something which is becoming increasingly important as it is more widely recognised.

The team at work
The team at work

We are also getting our creative hats on and working on the initial stages of scripting for videos to be screened at our first store. Cameraman, Sam, from Gro-up arrived to discuss our general concept so now it’s all about building this up into something special.

Have a brilliant art-filled weekend and speak to you all on Monday!


Good afternoon readers! So by now you are probably well acquainted with the wet, windy and generally miserable weather which has replaced that bright sun we had on Tuesday, but as they say in theatre, the show must go on. With this in mind, therefore, I am delighted to announce that the new video for our campaign has finally been released! It has undergone a series of edits and now even has a pleasantly melodious accompaniment – we hope you like it, share it and look forward to reading the opinions you have of our work. I have attached it to this blog so that you may easily watch it to your heart’s content.


Meanwhile the Outtakes video is currently being worked through the production process – I for one, am really looking forward to watching this because I know that it will be quality viewing but also because I do not feature in any scene.

This morning the team got together for our weekly meeting. We discussed some marketing issues and more about how to get the artFix project out there to all of you in a clear and exciting way. Also, one of the many ideas which have been floating around the office lately is to set-up a mock-up store; this was agreed today.

So, exclusive news! – artFix will be setting up a mock-up pop-up store (a little bit of a mouthful) at the end of February. This will be a fantastic opportunity for artists to come and present their work to us so if you are at all interested in the project I encourage you to contact us NOW – hopefully you will already have noticed my e-mail address at the bottom of the blog page! It is truly a fantastic opportunity to get your work out there – event details will be announced shortly so, as always, watch this space!


This morning I walked into the bright lights of the office and the bustle of cameramen and team members – time to film! In moving from museums and concert halls to the high street art is coming out in the form of artFix but it was also coming out in the team as we prepared to learn the script. In fact now would be a great time to introduce them!

From left to right:-

team photo
Members of the Dream Team

Long Long – Specialises in business development. Enjoys constructing military-themed models in his spare time and is a badminton enthusiast

Adnan – Project/ Construction manager, specialising in construction engineering – he also skis, plays volleyball and is a general action man

Monica – Works in Marketing and Communications and loves photography

Jilke – Works in Arts Administration, specialising in fine arts. In her spare time she enjoys photography

Sophie – Works in Arts Administration, specialising in performing arts. In her spare time she enjoys attending Pilates and life drawing classes

Nadia – Part of the Arts Production team, specialising in arts management. She loves performance and used to take part in theatre in Athens and Cyprus

George – Founder and CEO of artFix. 20 years of experience as a solicitor, entrepreneur and arts producer. In his spare time he enjoys taking road trips on his motorbike

Zafeirenia  – General Manager, specialising in marketing and production for cultural and community projects. Previously trained as classical ballet dancer and is a professional pianist 

Rita – Works in graphic design/ photography which she also loves to continue in her spare time

Ioanna – Works in Arts Programming, specialising in performing arts, narrative building and learning activities. In her spare time she enjoys making jewellery

Joseph – Works in Arts Administration, specialising in Learning and Partnerships. In his spare time he enjoys playing the guitar

There are a few other members of the team who weren’t able to attend the photo opportunity:

Samir – Works as a curator. 20 years of experience in retail, fashion and the arts business

Ingrid – Designer/ Scenographer, specialising in theatre design

Liu – Technology expert specialising in digitalisation and 3D visualisation of art works and heritage artefacts

And of course myself, Gurpreet, who took the photo: I work as part of the Marketing and Communications team and in my spare time I enjoy baking and watching the f1

Gro-up work with Joseph in the artFix studio
Gro-up work with Joseph in the artFix studio

Apart from taking many of us back to the terror of our school days, filming was fun. Not only did we laugh so much but the weather was lovely, energy was high and the artFix message came across brilliantly: that art, in all its forms, can and should be accessible, affordable and enjoyed on the familiarity of the high street. Will definitely update you all when it’s finally edited and broadcast – make sure you look forward to some cheeky outtakes which are just too good not to post.


After much hard work and perseverance artFix are proud to present our new office! Not only is it nestled in the heart of London but its rather attractive bright orange walls make us think, ‘what January blues?’ So for the past few days our team have been busy buying candles, printers and drilling in curtains around the creative hub of our new and exciting artistic venture! Of course no office would be complete without coffee, the fuel of inspiration. At the moment tea and instant coffee minus milk is on offer – we’re working on it.

The team working hard in the new office
The team working hard in the new office

So, today Sam and Tom, from production company Gro-up, arrived to discuss the hows and whys of the filming for our second campaign video. The team are definitely getting ready to playing their starring roles and Zafeirenia, our General Manager, is working closely with Sam to judge the film’s direction. The video is one of the most important aspects of our campaign because it is a great way to introduce artFix as a uniquely creative high street store, and ourselves so that we can get to know you! I definitely look forward to watching the energy and creativity that I know will go into the film tomorrow so watch this space!

Tom and Zafeirenia work on the video script
Tom and Zafeirenia work on the video script

Lunch was a mixed one today. No, we didn’t change from our Yo Sushi! local – why fix something that isn’t broken? – but we simultaneously celebrated the birthdays of Joseph and Long Long and waved goodbye to Yiting, our Finance management team member who has been with artFix since last year. It’s always sad when someone leaves the group so there were a few smiles and a few tears but lots of well wishes…